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Friday, June 28th, 2019

Soooooooolar power!! Inexpensive energy!

Happy FRIDAY, HVC! Hummingbird and Mag-O-Llama here with your campy weekendy update! Last night we enjoyed a beautiful performance by none other than KIM AND REGGIE!!

Who are Kim and Reggie, you ask??? Why, they are just the most fantabulous performers on the entire planet! They come every session to brighten our evening with folk songs about love, community, equality, and care for our planet! They sang old favorites like “It Really Isn’t Garbage ‘Til You Mix It All Together” and “Solar Power” and “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” and “One Blue Sky” and MORE! Kim and Reggie are the best not only because of their amazing songs with meaningful messages, but ALSO because each song has a dance or movement to go along with it! And many of the movements are sign language words! So with Kim and Reggie we’re having fun AND we’re learning!! And as if their performance last night wasn’t enough, they graced us with more beautiful music this morning at meeting after breakfast! (Breakfast was egg bar, by the way… YUM!) Check out pictures below!! And also check out pictures from the beach trip yesterday!

Today we are enjoying our fourth day of classes! It’s a sunny beautiful day in the Valley and many campers will get to take a dip in the lake! Sometimes here at camp when the days are hot hot hot, our more active classes (like mountain biking, basketball fun, and soccer) take the opportunity to head to the lake and cool off before continuing on with their day! So thanks to our wonderful lifeguards and sports teachers, we’ll all be a few degrees cooler than usual on this sunny day! 🙂 And of course we’re all carrying around our water bottles! Sip sip!

In fact, we’re off to dip our hooves and talons in the water ourselves!

Splish splash!
Hummingbird and Mag-O-Llama

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