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It’s a beautiful day in the Valley!

Thursday, August 11th, 2016
Stephen gets the ice bucket!

Stephen gets the ice bucket!

Good morning, folks! Humming Bird here with all your updates! Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed a beautiful camper-counselor soccer game! Both teams played valiantly, with campers and counselors working together to try to beat the other campers and counselors! In fact, the teams were so evenly matched, that the game ended in a 3-all draw! Great job, athletes! This afternoon we’ve got more sports-mania with the camper-counselor basketball game at Interest Groups! Stay tuned for photos!

After the game, we gathered for Evening Meeting, where we had some notable events! What events might those be? Why, Wheel Prizes, of course!! Lee and Kev got their legs/chests waxed by Taj Mahal, and Wombles got to pour ketchup and mustard ALL OVER Danielle! Check out photos– it was pretty insane! Stay tuned for more prizes coming up!

Last night’s evening program was Cabin Night– what did your campers do?
LCH decorated T-shirts!
Avalon did a scavenger hunt, ending in s’mores and stickbread!
Loons did tie dye!
Wombles made a woodshop Wombles sign!
Chateau Fiasco did glass blowing!
Atlantis had a night of build-and-burn fun!
Treasure Island recreated the Apocalypse, part 2!
Forbidden planet baked cookies!
The Burrow went up to Tipis for the night!
Down Under made glass beads!
French Quarter did tie dye!
Paquatahnee had an unbirthday party at the lake!
Valhalla did glazing in the pottery studio!
Shangri-La made glass fusing projects with Phillipe!
Halley’s Comet did some bonding in a Big Circle Night!
Camelot made tie dye and banana boats!
Fiddler’s Green did archery with water balloons!
Taj Mahal had a karaoke and s’mores party!

It was a SUPER fun night for everyone– check out the photos!! Also check out photos from this morning’s Meeting! Tanya, who announces our laundry, called up special guests, Peter and Henry, to sing a song about laundry! They lamented about the tragedy of the Lost Article of Clothing (to the tune of Zombie by The Cranberries)! And in full costume, no less! Check out photos of the act that had the whole camp in stitches!

Today we’re looking forward to another fun evening of Electives! All our counselors will line up and explain what they’ll be doing this evening, and campers will run walk carefully to their choice activities! Stay tuned for photos of the mayhem!

Until then, I’m off to clean and fill my water bottle– it’s going to be a HOT one today! Stay hydrated, folks!

Humming along,

Humming Bird

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