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Introducing Miss Melody!!

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016
What do we do for fuzzy time here at camp?

What do we do for fuzzy time here at camp?

Greetings, friends! Humming Bird here to introduce you to the newest member of our Blog Team! Here’s Miss Melody! She’ll be helping me tell you all about our incredible summer coming up! So here she is…

Hello everybody! I am VERY excited to spend the summer telling you all about our fabulous adventures and sweet stories at camp. Camp has been very busy these past few days as everyone here at camp gets ready for camper arrival in, get this, less than two weeks! We all are so excited.

Yesterday we had a nice day of meetings for different area trainings (arts! theater! sports! you name it, we got it!) and staff bonding, including hand-painting our own clay mugs that will be our faithful companions for the summer when we need our coffee or tea fix. Centered around teaching staff how to run certain classes in the various areas of camp, we are well on our way to a fun summer of SO many different classes. We ended the night with a fun evening program called “Booth Night” in which returning counselors all dressed up in silly clothes and explained certain camp traditions through acting or games at their booths. Some of the booths included learning goofy games we play here at camp, hearing about the different camp lingoes through a drum/rap session, and watching a puppet show of evening meeting in which Robin’s impersonation of Meg had the whole group laughing hysterically (there was even a guest appearance of Peter and Meg themselves!! What a night!) Check out the photos posted for a visual of this crazy night.

Upcoming today we have a whole group of staff participating in further preparation as we get ready for camper arrival. Today the Tipi’s go up and I can smell the roasting marshmallows over the campfire already! We have “Big Circle” night tonight, a big staff bonding event, in which we all will be given the opportunity to get to know each other personally. Continuing to create a community of loving individuals so that we can welcome the incoming happy campers with big arms!

We will keep you posted daily on all the happenings here at camp, and in the meantime, check out these ADORABLE pictures of the baby bunnies here at camp that will make you want to run up to camp even sooner. They still need names, so send your campers with some ideas!!

Until next time!!

Lots of love,

Miss Melody and Humming Bird

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