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Intersession Pizza Oven Fun!

Thursday, July 24th, 2014
Maddy whipping up a pesto pizza

Whipping up a pesto pizza

Howdy, folks! Olive Oyl here with a special intersession update!

Well, first off, despite the rainy weather, we still had a lovely Pine Grove, otherwise known as Dining Hall Grove. We gathered where we usually eat for meals and set up some candles underneath the dragon. Every cabin shared something with the rest of camp, whether it was a song, story, poem, or cheer. There were moments of reflection, but also of laughter and fun. We did a pseudo candle lighting ceremony, where we wrapped our way inside and outside of the Dining Hall and used candles (minus the flames) to say our last goodbyes to every single person on camp. We then woke up bright and early to sound of Forbidden Planet and Taj Mahal’s beautiful voices. We had a little breakfast, hugged our counselors and bunkmates one last time, and bid adieu with the funky chicken as the buses made their way down camp road. Now only a select few (intersessioners!) remain on camp, which is now suddenly empty and quite peaceful.

Despite the change of pace around camp, the intersessioners have still managed to have an awesome time. After lunch on camp they headed over to Moose Point State Park, where they hung out on the playground and walked along the rocky beach and tide pool. It was a lovely and relaxing afternoon. They got back to camp and enjoyed delicious pizza oven pizza with the new batch of AWACs, who have now arrived for second session. Our amazing AWACs helped the campers make a bunch of different pizza varieties, like pepperoni, vegetable, and of course, classic cheese. The intersession crew is currently snuggled in the Rec Hall for a movie and slumber party, although they’ll be sure to get a lot of sleep in preparation for their busy day tomorrow! They’ll be heading to Acadia Fun Park for water slides, go-carting, and a ropes course. It’s going to be a super exciting day full of activity and enjoying the beautiful scenery. They’ll head back to camp by dinnertime and where they’ll join their new cabins for second session.

It’s been an incredible summer so far and we can’t wait to see what August has in store for us! Be sure to keep checking in for more intersession pictures and of course the Arrival Day scoop!

Lots of Love,


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