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In Deer Meadows We Can Build a Snowman…

Monday, December 26th, 2016
Peter and Meg going for a ski

Lovely day for a ski!

Hi there, friends! Olive Oyl here with a little winter update for all our HVC family, far and wide.

While some have been enjoying warm (or even hot!) holiday weekends, there have definitely been some chilly temperatures and lots of beautiful snowfall in Maine. Be sure to check out lots of awesome photos of a snowy camp, and see how different the llama pen, PD barn, soccer field all look blanketed with snow (and without lots of kids and animals running around!). But the snowy weather and peace and quiet just mean more time for winter fun, like cross country skiing and sledding. If only we could recreate those snowdrifts for a giant slip n’ slide down tipi hill…

If anyone’s feeling nostalgic, it’s the perfect time to get cozy and catch up on the camp yearbook from 2016. And it’s never too early to start getting excited for next summer!

Wishing all a holiday filled with relaxation, love ones, and lots of good food!



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