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“I knows it, knows it” – Kim and Reggie

Friday, July 1st, 2016


Gooooooooooood MORNING! Humming Bird here on this beautiful, sunny day in the Valley! From what I hear, the forecast today is sunny with a 82.37 % chance of candy schvitz… We shall see…

Let’s talk about Kim and Reggie! They. Were. Amazing. (As always!) They performed their CLASSIC hits, such as Wade in the Water, Trampin’, I Knows It, and One Blue Sky. How fortunate we are to enjoy a private concert with these incredible musicians, who also sell out entire stadiums! We at Hidden Valley are truly in the presence of stardom!

And speaking of stars…. tonight we have an “aliens and cowboys”-themed dance! Campers will get to dress up as either theme– or both! And we’ll have some fun activities, like Flying Saucers Frisbee, Cowboy Face-Off, Alien Face Painting, and a station where campers can design their own sheriff badges and space helmets! It’s gonna be a great night– one could even say, “out of this world!” (Hahahaha!)

Well with that, I’m off to find some leftover water balloons from yesterday– a bird’s gotta cool off somehow! Stay tuned for pictures of the dance and more!

Humming along,

Humming Bird

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