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I Knows It Knows It- It’s the First Day of New Classes!

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

Camp enjoying Kim and Reggie!

Good morning, sunshines! Cara B. here with all the latest on the first day of our second set of classes.

Last night, we had a super fun and chill evening with guest performers, Kim and Reggie! We sang lots of songs about peace, love, and community like “We Come From The Mountains,” “Rainbow Race,” and “Trampin’.” We also sang a song about the legendary baseball player Leroy Satchel Paige, a song about inexpensive energy called “Solar Power,” and one of everyone’s all time favorite Kim and Reggie songs “I Knows It Knows It” with help from Paquatahnee! We talked about how special it is at Hidden Valley Camp, where campers and staff come from all over to create a super special community here in Maine. We ended the evening by signing “This Little Light of Mine” as we were sent off to bed.

This morning, we woke up to the perfect breakfast to help gear us up for new classes- EGG BAR!! (With cheesy grits, hash browns, and lots of fresh fruit.) We headed over for camp meeting in the Front Yard to stay in the shade on this warm and sunny day. Kim and Reggie said goodbye by singing “Wade in the Water,” and leading us through some morning stretches. After hearing our usual announcements of thought de jour, birthdays, interest groups, and spirit animal of the day, we headed off for classes! Right now, everyone is enjoying classes at the glass studios, down at the lake, out hiking in the woods, on the soccer field, in the art buildings, at the archery range, at the horse barn, and allllllll around camp!

Tonight is Electives, where campers will get to choose their evening program out of a bunch of activities being offered by counselors and pro staff. It should be a fantastic evening! Stay tuned for all the details from Mama Iguana tomorrow. For now, enjoy photos from yesterday’s cabin activities and Kim and Reggie!

Peace out, dudes!

Cara B. Ner


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