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HVC’s Got Talent And Style!

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

Jacob and PD Mel singing Bubbly with not one, but two guitars!

Good morning, fellow humans!

Olive Oyl here with some news for you on this fabulous Dress in the Dark Day! So as we were all waking up this morning, it seems that all the counselors forgot to turn on the lights and we ended up getting dressed in the dark. There were backwards shirts, pipe cleaners in pigtails, shower caps, shirts as pants, and two different shoes on each foot. Oh boy, what a sight morning meeting was! They’ll be lots of pictures tomorrow so you can check out all the wacky outfits.

Anyway, before all these crazy getups, we had an awesome night last night with the staff talent show. There was music– rock songs, musical numbers, and acoustic guitar. Lots of counselors joined in for the Awkward Macarena, featuring lots of songs mashed together and lots of crazy outfits. We also had some special talents, like one-handed clapping, juggling, and pen spinning. There was tap dancing, meet and greet spiderman, and even some improv. All in all, in was a hilarious night full of music and laughs and we got to see all the talent and skill that our amazing group of staff has to offer.

It’s a beautiful warm and sunny day here at HVC, with everyone donning the most fashionable accessories…water bottles, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. We’re gearing up for another super fun day of classes and ended the day with cabin night. More details and photos on that tomorrow!

HV Community has been busy down at Blodgett, working on their garden and cooking what they’ve been growing. They even hosted their own Iron Chef the other day– be sure to check out the delicious looking photos. The group also went down to a farmer’s market to explore.

That’s all for now, folks! Talk soon!



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