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How to Properly Enjoy Egg Bar: A Guide

Saturday, July 15th, 2017

Sometimes, one round of gross day photos just isn’t enough!

Top of the morning to you all!

I’m Luna Bug and I’m here to give you the full report on the HVC goings on.

What better way to enter this day than with another beautiful and delicious egg bar. Now, to the reader who hasn’t had the honor and privilege of enjoying an egg bar, I’m just going to walk you through how to properly appreciate and enjoy egg bar so that you can, perhaps partially, understand why Olive Oyl and I always make such a big deal of it.

Now, imagine you are a camper and have just woken up, gotten dressed and ready for the day, and are walking through the Backyard towards the dining hall. When you are headed down to breakfast, it is important to remain vigilant! Keep your nose tilted up to catch the scent of breakfast on the wind. What could that scent possibly be?! Why, it is egg bar! The adrenaline rush that will come with this realization will propel you to line up as quickly as possible in front of the dining hall so that you can enter the dining hall as quickly as possible. Once you enter the dining hall, take a quick glance over at the grill: If you see Chris standing there with a smile on his face and a spatula in his hand you can then fully confirm that it is in fact EGG BAR!

Now, quickly! Grab a plate, but don’t grab any silverware, and certainly skip the rest of the food line.  Immediately head over to the line rapidly forming near the grill. Quickly but calmly, book it to the egg bar line. Now, it is the time to wait in line for those eggs. Chris and Lillian are flipping eggs as quickly as they humanly can, so please remain patient. Maybe you strike up a conversation with your neighbor in line, asking about what they thought of Anthony Roca last night, or maybe you simply wait for your turn while contemplating your egg order- you can choose.

As you round the bend of the line, you will pass by the toast area. It is time to make a decision: Do you want toast with your eggs, or not? If you do want toast you can exit the egg bar line, grab your toast, and reclaim your position in line.

Wait, can this be it? Can this be the moment you have been so patiently waiting for?! You are now standing in front of Chris, at the griddle, and he’s asking you for your egg bar order. Quickly! It is your time to shine and order those eggs! Whether it’s scrambled, over easy, sunny-side up, yolks cracked and whites hard, or anything in between, it is now time to order those eggs. Let Chris know how many and what kind, and he’ll make the right eggs for you.

Before you get carried away with those fresh eggs on your plate, don’t forget the final steps: Cheese and hot sauce! Place the cheese slices over those eggs quickly and the cheese will melt just perfectly, and throw some Sriracha or ketchup or Cholula hot sauce on top and you got yourself some eggs. Now, you can return to the original food line for silverware and a napkin, and maybe some fruit and sausage as well. Just remember- watch out for the potentially vicious splash of egg yolk as you bite into those eggs! And most importantly, enjoy!

Whew! Now that you know all about egg bar, and now that everyone at camp is full of egg bar, we go onwards with our day, and it is quite a day at that. After Gross day and glow bowling yesterday, we’re back to our regularly scheduled program, or programming, I should say. Crazily enough, it’s the penultimate day of classes! Across camp everybody is working to finish glazing their pottery or tie-dyeing their socks, or working on those tricks over at the skateboard park.

Excitingly, at Interest Groups today we’ll be having our counselor/camper basketball game. The basketball team has been working incredibly hard for the past 4 weeks to get ready for the game, and our counselor team has been doing some really great visualizations of how to best win the game. Rumor has it that Team X is particularly strong this year…

At the basketball game, the lovely duo of Ashley C. and Emma B. will be handing out white books to each of the campers. These aptly named books are the color white, and are completely empty. Each camper will decorate these books as they so desire, and fill the pages with all the email addresses, phone numbers, and notes from their fellow cabin mates and friends and counselors across camp. It’s a really great way to remember all the close friends we’ve made over the session.

Tonight is the play, which should be pretty awesome because it was written by our very own counselors and campers after being adapted from a children’s story book.

Check out even more gross day photos below as well as a few pictures from last night’s performance, and a couple shots from around camp.

Another day, another egg bar,

xx Luna Bug

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