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How misfortunate… it’s the WHEEL!!

Monday, August 5th, 2019

Greetings, Earthlings! This is Hummingbird here with your update. LAST NIGHT WAS THE WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE OH MY GOODNESS LOOK AT THE PICTURES IT WAS SO CRAZY!!! What’s the Wheel? Honestly, it’s pretty tough to explain… but I’ll give it a go! The Wheel of Misfortune is half game show, half wacky performance put on by the counselors, and half the craziest thing that happens on camp. And also half whipped cream and corn syrup blood, of course! Last night’s theme was. bonkers. What happened? Okay listen up, y’all…

A scientist on the international space station calls an SOS because ALIENS have hatched on the station and she is in grave danger. So a ragtag gang of space patrollers scoots over to help her… with the help of all the campers, of course!! Campers came up and completed (gross, disgusting, nasty) challenges to help the scientist and the patrollers, and destroy those pesky aliens!! The evening was wild and the screams and shrieks of delight could be heard all the way to Portland! We’ve got some super silly pictures for you, take a look!

Today was back to normal here with a regular old trip lazy day! But not just ANY trip lazy day… an AMAZING one!! The older half shipped on out to Lake Saint George where they swam, played cards, read, made friendship bracelets, and played on the swings! They enjoyed a lovely lunch there by the lake and headed home to the Valley for rest period and then a yummy in my birdie tummy pizza dinner! Meanwhile….

The younger half stayed on camp for Renaissance Faire Day! Campers decorated a cabin crest, had historical sword fight battles, brainstormed plague survival tips, had tea and gossipped with the King about who might have brought the plague to the kingdom in the first place, built castles, raced ponies, enjoyed a marvelous knighting ceremony with the Queen, and did acrobatics with the Court Jester! It was a painstakingly historically accurate day– er…. sorta…. but anyway everyone had a great time!! Check out the photos 🙂

Tonight we’re gathered in the backyard to enjoy Valleyfest, our camper talent show! You’ll hear all about it tomorrow– stay tuned for pictures!! For now I’m off to snag some leftover pizza….

Always hungry,

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