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HORSING Around on Fair Day! (Hehehe!)

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015



Hello, hello! Humming Bird and Cat Nap here with lots of updates on this beautiful day!

This morning we enjoyed a beautiful Brumby Horse Show! Bea, Juliet, and Olivia have done worked so hard this session, and it was so exciting to see everything they’ve learned and practiced with their horses! Check out pictures of their successful show!!

After the Brumby show we all ran (calmly and in an orderly manner, of course!) to FAIR DAY!!! We had some AMAZING booths!! Here’s what every cabin did…

Forbidden Planet made fried dough
Taj Mahal organized Kiss-O-Grams
The AWACs handed out pretzels
Valhalla served ice cream
Shangri-La kept us hydrated by giving out drinks
Camelot officiated weddings at the Marriage Booth (they even married Peter and Meg!)
Atlantis DJ’d the day
French Quarter did the chocolate fountain
Fiddlers Green painted everyone’s faces
LCH did pillow jousting
Loons ran the poop shoot (a dunk tank toilet!)
Chateau Fiasco did sumo wrestling
Avalon ran the slip ‘n slide
Wombles tallied the Jelly Bean Count
Paquatahnee did the Moon Bounce
Down Under ran the name change registration
Gimme Shelter told our fortunes

In addition to the cabins’ contributions to Fair Day, we also had a horse drawn carriage, a hot dog stand (provided by our kitchen staff) and even a rock climbing wall! There was also a beautiful art show in the Red Barn, the Pottery Studio, the Hilton glass studio, and the Hilton dance studio, where all of our campers’ art work from the whole session was displayed and viewed! Tonight that art work will be carefully wrapped up and packaged in preparation for campers’ travel back home!

After the Fair we all did our part and cleaned up the camp! And now campers are settled in the Rec Hall watching a slideshow of pictures from the session, put together by our wonderful photo area heads, Sarah and Elise! Then the video classes from these two weeks will show the videos they made!

After that, we will eat a yummy delicious dinner prepared by our one and only glorious kitchen staff, and then we will have the FAIR DAY DANCE! We’ll be out in the backyard signing white books, dancin’ around, and jamming out to some classic camp tunes on this wonderful final camp dance! Stay tuned for pictures of the events!

Also stay tuned for updates on the upcoming Packing Day, Lobster Banquet, and *sniff sniff* Departure Day!

We’re off to catch the tail end of the slide show (geddit? TAIL end! Birds and cats have tails! Hahahaha!… Cat Nap is glaring at me for my bad joke. Oh well, I think I’m funny!)

Chirp, Hum, Meow,

Humming Bird and Cat Nap

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