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Hard at Work!

Friday, June 13th, 2014


Hi all! Snoop Cat here with a big update on all of the trainings that have been going on yesterday and today.

Our specialty area trainings (lifeguards, horse staff, ropes staff, and video staff) are well under way here in our little corner of Maine. Yesterday the lifeguards completed some prerequisites, which involved swimming both in the lake and the pool. As raindrops bounced lightly on the lake’s surface, the waterfront staff swam from the docks to the other side of the lake and back… twice! They all had great attitudes and felt quite accomplished once they completed the “Big Swim.” They then headed over to the pool where they practiced some basic rescue skills and went through other lifeguarding basics. Later in the afternoon they got to practice more rescue techniques with different partners. Today has been a full day of first aid, AED, and CPR training. Tomorrow they head back into the water to improve even more of their skills.

The ropes staff began their day yesterday with ropes games. After getting to know each other a bit better they practiced belaying and climbing on the climbing wall. It was great to watch the old staff help the new staff out with some tips and tricks! Today continued to be a busy day, filled with learning how to tie different knots and practicing their new skills on the high ropes course. Each person got to climb with, and belay, their fellow staff members. They’re still up in the trees as the impending thunderstorm continues to hold off!

Our horse girls have had quite a busy schedule as well! From mucking and tacking to reviewing emergency procedures and lunging the horses, they are happily exhausted. They have even begun riding each horse to learn more about the horses’ personalities and how to better teach camper riding lessons. The video crew made sure to stop by the horse barn to get some footage of their training as part of their own training as well. After getting an introduction to camp video equipment and exploring all of camp, both today and yesterday, they have begun to record all the different activities that are happening here around HVC. They have even started brainstorming new video class ideas and started using new software to edit their video clips. Jake, our video guru, has just arrived to pass on his infinite wisdom to our wonderful new staff.

Though it has gotten a little rainy this afternoon, all of our counselors are pushing through and doing an excellent job. That’s all for now… more to come soon!

Peace and love,

Snoop Cat

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