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Thursday, July 14th, 2016


Hello, hello! Humming Bird here! It’s a beautiful day in the Valley, so let’s see what’s going on at camp (in chronological order)!

Yesterday afternoon during Interest Groups we had the Camper-Counselor soccer game! Campers and counselors alike ran hard, and hydrated harder, in the sweltering heat. Spectators gathered around the field with their hot dogs and Blue Sky sodas, whooping and hollaring and cheering and supporting our athletes! The exciting game ended in a tie, due to the beautiful playing by our talented campers and staff! Good job, everyone! Check out photos!

After the game we gathered for CABIN NIGHT!! Our older cabins (Taj Mahal, Camelot, Fiddler’s Green, Treasure Island and Forbidden Planet) walked a mile up the road together for ice cream at Blodgett House with our Community campers. They played games, they stuffed their faces with ice cream, they peed outside in the outhouse– it was a magical night! Check out photos!

Meanwhile, the rest of our cabins organized fun cabin night activities to do! Here’s the list of activities:
LCH made cardboard race cars
Avalon had a pizza oven party
Loons pelted their counselors with the waterballoons they found on their scavenger hunt
Gimme Shelter had an egg drop from the Upper Carriage House
Atlantis did metal working with Brad and made name pieces
The Burrow made splatter paint art from the tree house and then enjoyed s’mores
Wombles left camp for ice cream (a first for a younger half cabin!) and returned to a dance party
Down Under decorated T-shirts and made s’mores
French Quarter did screen printing and had a sing-along
Paquatahnee had a scavenger hunt that led to the pizza oven, where they made dessert pizza
Wabanaki did glass fusing
Shangri-La had a scavenger hunt that led to a cookie-baking party
Valhalla went to the lake and made s’mores
Haley’s Comet had a tie-dye water balloon fight

It was a fun, yummy night for all our cabins! And a perfect segue into…..

JUNK FOOD DAY! Oh boy, here we go again…. donuts and sugary cereals for breakfast, hot dogs and marshmallow fluff for lunch, ravioli and sundaes for dinner. Stay tuned for some of the crazy combos that come around at lunchtime– anyone put fluff and mustard on their hotdog?? You’d be surprised… Check out photos!

Once we were all surgar-ed up from breakfast, we had a fun little surprise at Meeting! Our dedicated fifth-year campers and staff received their Five Year Vests! The Vest is a beautiful symbol of the commitment to our camp, dedication to its ideals, and enthusiasm for all our HVC craziness that these noteworthy community members have demonstrated over the past five years. Thank you all for making this the one-of-a-kind place that it is! And thank you, folks at home, for sharing your campers with us. It really is an honor to work with them, and to see how they shape the community that we create together!

Looking forward, tonight we have ELECTIVES! Stay tuned for some of the madness that will ensue! (I heard someone is going to try to destroy an indestructable nalgene bottle….)

Until then, I’m off to scrounge some extra donuts… wish me luck!

Humming along,

Humming Bird

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