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Great Folk for Great Folks

Thursday, June 30th, 2022

HVC Families,

It’s Trivia Thursday! Your question: What did HVC do on their first lazy day?

You guessed it. They watched Buzz Lightyear…and played trivia.

Our younger cabins took a visit to the movies to watch the new Toy Story spin off.

Even though I buzzed at the speed of light to the bus, they wouldn’t let me go-pher the ride, BUT I did get to hang out with our older campers who played trivia outside the dining hall at the picnic tables.

They answered questions about pop culture, HVC staff, and sports.

Haley’s Comet and Forbidden Planet tied for first place! Not to toot my own horn, but I did beat both of their scores. No need to bring up the fact that I hung around our shift leads who set up the game.

After the fan favorite Taco Night, campers headed to the backyard for a performance by famous folk artist Reggie Harris, who got all of the campers involved in singing and dancing along.

Today, campers will resume their classes and head to electives in the evening, each run by our counselors and incredible staff who have come up with fantastic activities.

Gotta go eat some leaves to fuel for tennis at Interest Groups. Pippin said he’d take me on in a game, I “love” a good match.


Go-pher Girl


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