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Grabbing and Bagging ALL the Fun

Wednesday, July 6th, 2022


Hey HVC Families,

We made it! It’s Junk Food Day!

As I type this out, I am feasting on a Boston cream donut and a Pop Tart.

Yesterday, the campers spent the day in their classes, some of them preparing for Sharing Night tonight.

In the morning, each cabin had their photo taken by our video staff, and performed their cabin cheer. Each camper will receive a copy of the video in the winter to remember all of the fond memories they associate with camp!

They finished their evening with Grab Bag Skits, where each cabin was given a bag full of props and costumes and  ten minutes to come up with a skit to perform for their age group.

From wizards to fishermen to tennis players, the campers did a great job with creatively coming up with characters and plot lines in such a short time period. One by one they showed off their hard work at the end of the time limit.

Today, campers will head to their last day of their first round of classes and then to Sharing Night as the evening program, where they will be able to perform for the rest of camp and show off all of the hard work they have been doing in their classes.

Some classes that will be performing include Rock Band, Mountain Biking, Soccer Fun, dance classes, singing classes, and Ukulele. I’ve already started scouting out the kitchen’s food supply for popcorn.

Headed back to the dining hall now to see if they have any leftover donuts. I just finished mine.


Gopher Girl


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