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Goodbyes and New Beginnings on Departure Day!

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Forbidden Planet getting silly at Lobster Banquet!

Good morning, readers! Cara B. here with the departure day scoop!

Speaking of scoops… last night’s Lobster Banquet was just as delicious as expected. The dining hall roared with cheers as Meg and Sandia came running out in their cow suits, Ben & Jerry’s in hand. My favorite flavor had to be Chocolate Fudge Brownie, but I think Luna Bug preferred Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz.

Once our bellies were full, we took our special, silent walk up Tipi Hill for Closing Pine Grove. We had some awesome acts! Loons told an animal folk tale with a Hidden Valley twist. Georgie and Maemae sang a super sweet song with original lyrics about camp. Valhalla did a spin on The Cup Song with lyrics about the end of the session and French 1/4 sang a beautiful rendition of Valerie. LCH and Chateau Fiasco kept it simple with some camp classics; Princess Pat and Baby Shark.

We woke up bright and early at 5am, serenaded by our oldest cabins, Forbidden Planet, Taj Mahal, Deer Meadows, and Shangri-La. We enjoyed a light continental breakfast before we said goodbye to our friends who left on buses. There was loading luggage, last minute white book signing, and LOTS of hugs. Continuing a favorite HVC tradition, campers and staff danced the Funky Chicken (and the funky moose, llama, lobster, and other animals,) as the buses pulled out of camp. Afterward, we ate a more hearty second breakfast and are now hanging out around the center of camp.

Some campers are waiting for their folks to pick them up to be driven home, while others who are staying for second session await a trip to the beach this afternoon – wahoo! It will be a super hot day today, so the beach will be the perfect way to enjoy the sun. Counselors are busy preparing camp for another session. Some are planning evening programs and gathering supplies for classes, while others are making sure all areas of camp are in tip-top shape for our next round of campers.

That’s all for now! Updates on the timing of all camp buses can be found on the Hidden Valley Facebook page. We’ll be back tomorrow with all the news including a second intersession trip and more second session prep!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!


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