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Good Day Sunshine!

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Aloha Tuesday/July 4th outfits!

Rise and shine! Time to greet the new, beautiful day!

Luna Bug with some fresh news hot out of morning meeting, and not just because we were sitting in the sun! We walked into the dining hall this morning, and were greeted with a particularly sweet smell on the air. Jenny Bradley shouted “HAPPY FRENCH TOAST DAY!” at us, and pointed to her fantastic tank top which reads “Happy French Toast Day!” It was a wonderful way to begin our final day of classes for these two weeks. To make it all that much better, we enjoyed the french toast with strawberries picked by Community, our teen program. Yum!

French toast was the perfect way to fuel us back up from an awesome and energetic evening program last night- Bazinga. For Bazinga, the counselors from each cabin switched to another cabin just for the night! The new counselor/camper combos had dinner together, and then headed off to the activities afterwards.

Bermuda Triangle, Chateau, Gimme Shelter, Wabanaki, Fiddler’s Green, Valhalla, Camelot, Haley’s Comet, and LCH all played Predator-Prey. These cabins were split up into three groups of carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores, and it basically is a giant survival game. Each group had a different objective, and they were tasked with collecting different things all around camp in order to “survive” until the end.

The Burrow, Down Under, French Quarter, Paquatahnee, Avalon, Loons, and Wombles all had a counselor hunt where they read clues to try and figure out where each counselor was.

Finally, Taj Mahal, Forbidden Planet, Deer Meadows, and Shangri-La all had a destruction competition where they gathered supplies from the End of the World to build a fort in the Backyard. Once the two teams built their forts, they spent the rest of the evening destroying them using water balloons, bean bags, and water guns!

Check out photos below from each of the parts of Bazinga!

Today is the final day of classes, which is pretty neat because tomorrow we’ll get to choose new ones for the next two weeks. Two weekers are coming tomorrow, and it’s one of the laziest days of the session: Pajama Day!

You know, as cool as the Candy Drop was, it’s kind of a bummer that we only really celebrate it on one day….So let’s fix that by looking below at a lot of never-before-seen photos from that day! On top of that, we’re throwing in some majorly cute bonus photos of all the different animals around camp.

Alright, I gotta go buzz around camp and see what else is happening, and Olive Oyl and I will get back to you tomorrow with our findings!

Bye for now!


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