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Good Day Sunshine!

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Hanging out on the roof!

Top of the morning to ya! Luna Bug and Olive Oyl here reporting on the latest and the greatest at HVC.

The craziest thing happened this morning…. it was egg bar AND we had waffles! With whipped cream! And strawberry sauce! And blueberry sauce! So much to choose from, so little time, so I did what any normal person would do and got both waffles and eggs. PLUS the sun is out and the breeze is blowing and we can’t complain because it sure beats the 90-degree humidity. Weather Guy is in good spirits at the moment and we have to agree this is a 10/10 day.

Towards the end of breakfast we watched a video on empathy and talked about our role and impact as camp counselors. PK shared an email from a camper’s family and the impact that HVC has had on this child’s growth and we talked about how special camp can be in one’s life. This was a lovely segue into our morning meeting about camper counselor relationships. We then went off into our various priorities– llamas, pottery studio (headed by the awesome Gabe who just arrived), the animal barn, and of course, PK crossfit. This afternoon they’ll be an emergency drill on the ropes course to get our staff prepared for anything that may come their way this summer.

I spoke too soon when I said the gang’s all here! We’ve got another baby pig to keep Hamilton company who’s on his way in the next few days. Jury’s still out on names…Piggie Smalls? Notorious P.I.G.? So many good options to choose from! We can’t wait to meet the little buddy.

Tonight’s another special evening with Big Circle Night, a staple of staff training week, where counselors get the chance to open up about themselves and their time at camp. Speaking of evening programs, Booth Night last night was a big hit, where new staff got to learn all the ins and outs of the job. Be sure to check out lots of fun pics, plus some cool light painting shots from electives, as promised!

Lots of love,

Luna & Olive

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