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Golly, am I feeling orientationated!!

Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

Good evening, everyone!! Hummingbird here with ORIENTATION DAY STUFF UPDATES!! Since yesterday was Arrival Day, today was Bagel Sunday!! (And also orientation day)

We started out our morning with a little bit of a sleep in, enjoying our bagels at the ripe hour of 8:30! Then we shuffled over to the gazebo where we had our FIRST MORNING MEETING!! You saw pictures of that earlier today with Mag-O-Llama 🙂 After meeting we all headed our separate ways to unpack, explore camp, sign up for classes, take our swim evaluations, and get to know our cabin mates! I’ve been flying around all day and basking in the sound of laughter and the narration of one hundred games of Mafia! Now we’re all feeling oriented and knowledgeable about where our classes will take place tomorrow!!

In addition to our first morning meeting, tonight we had our first evening meeting of the session!! Followed by a beautiful dinner prepared by Chris, Lillian, Mike, and their team, and PINEGROVE! What’s Pinegrove, you ask? It’s how we start and end every session! We gather at the bottom of Tipi Hill and walk in silence together to our Pinegrove in the woods at the top, where we sit together, sing songs, and reflect on the community we create here at camp. Opening Pinegrove tonight featured fan favorite songs like the Penguin Song (but re-written by the Camelot Camels to be about… you guessed it! Camels!), The Princess Pat, and The Jellyfish song!! We all had a really wonderful time welcoming each other to camp for first session, and we can’t wait to get started with classes tomorrow!! Stay tuned 🙂

I’m flying off to find some leftovers… they can’t shoo a bird out of the kitchen after dark!
Munch munch,

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