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Glow day or Gross day… Gross Bowling or Glow Bowling?!

Friday, July 13th, 2018

Yay Gross Day!

Happy lazy day from Mama Iguana! Today has been full of gross, slimy spaghetti and lots of strikes and spares! I can’t wait to tell you all about this exciting day but first, let’s talk about last night!

To finish off Junk Food Day, the kitchen staff served us fantastic shrimp jambalaya. After dinner, we had ice cream sundaes for dessert! Each cabin sat in groups outside the dining hall and were called in one by one, the quietest group going first. Everyone had their choice of all the toppings you could think of: caramel sauce, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and of course a cherry to top it all off!

After our special treat, we all headed to the soccer field for our last night of electives this session! There were the classic electives like capture the flag, glass beads, and PK’s secret tour, along with some new exciting activities like sports center where campers analyzed all the crazy news going on in the sports world, collage making, and bread on a stick (made with cinnamon sugar and a nice, warm campfire)! Once everyone finished up their electives, we all gathered in the Rec Hall to reunite with our cabins and sing “The Farthest Field”.

Today, the older half woke up and had breakfast before heading to go Glow Bowling! I heard there were lots of strikes and spares in the alley today. Go older half!

The younger half stayed on camp, got to sleep in a little bit, and enjoy Gross Day! And let me tell you, it was one gross day. There was a mystery box full of who knows what (I think pickles, spaghetti, and maybe some mayonnaise?), condiment twister, a shaving cream hair salon, slip ‘n slide with chocolate sauce, a gross, gross, gross obstacle course, and make your own slime! Make sure you check out the photos below to see how gross campers got. If campers chose to stay clean, there were friendship bracelet activities and card games going on by Meg’s Planet. Once the activities were over, the “clean” campers voted on who was the grossest of them all. In the end, there was a three way tie! Counselors then had a “carwash” and washed off all of the campers who got dirty before heading back to their cabins for quick showers.

Campers are now all gathered by the pool for pool activities! Older half came back to camp just in time for lunch and rest period. Cabins were busy cleaning for our cabin inspectors either this morning or in the afternoon and everyone is getting hungry for Mexican food tonight! Our evening program is a guest performer, Willie Claflin! I can’t wait to tell you all about his performance tomorrow.

Well, that’s all for now. Enjoy photos from electives, Gross Day, and Glow Bowling!!! ,

Bye bye,

Mama Iguana

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