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Glitz in the Schvitz + Fun in the Sun!!!

Sunday, July 30th, 2023

Hey there!

Yesterday evening, we had a fantastic time dancing, crafting and glamming it up at the snazzy Meg Gala inside the Rec Hall and surrounds. Though it may have been shvitzing, we were shimmering! (See photos below!)

This morning, some campers got up a smidge earlier than usual for the annual ‘Jake Day’ procedures (fondly named after our longtime videographer who’s currently here with us) – wherein each cabin gathered at the rec hall field to recite their cabin cheer and proclaim their cabin identities for the video camera, soon to be spirited clips mailed out to families in the winter! (The footage will also include morning and evening meetings to memorialize these merry days!) 

Afterwards, fueled by an always delightful Bagel Sunday breakfast, we commenced our fifth day of classes to the tune of sunny skies and breezy temps – yay 🙂

This evening, we’re getting hyped for a camper-favorite evening activity, Electives!! With this recurrent program, each camper has the chance to choose from a range of relaxing, active and crafty activities including Capture the Flag divided between younger and older halves, glass work with pro-staff, campfire cooking, spa night and much more. Watch out for footage tomorrow!

Hope everyone is swell (‘cuz all is so-well!),

H.V. Scribe





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