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Frogs and Toads and Fair Day…Oh My

Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

Good morning HVC families,

Happy Fair Day!

Yesterday, campers enjoyed their final Lazy Day. Younger half cabins enjoyed Gross Day, where they enjoyed making a mess with whipped cream, ketchup, mustard, and chocolate sauce, while older cabins headed to the movies to watch “Holes.”

I was beyond disappointed to hear when they came back that even though the campers loved the movie, it was not indeed a documentary on Gophers. Apparently, instead, it featured an astonishing amount of lizards.

However, I was far from disappointed with the performance of the musical last night by the cast and backstage ninjas! Even though it was about reptiles, the production of “A Year with Frog and Toad” was absolutely phenomenal! It was a blast to watch all of their hard work come together in such a ribbiting performance.

Toaday, Fair Day began with the morning fun run, and campers could choose to go on a quick morning race, or cheer on their friends and cabin-mates.

Later today, each cabin was assigned a booth that they will run for the fair, and while campers are not working at their booth, they will be free to roam with their friends to all of the different activities and stations, including (Hershey)Kiss-o-grams, Fried Dough, Pretzels, the Marriage Booth, and more.

In the afternoon, they will get to see the final projects of all of the video classes and the camp video, showing highlights of moments around camp from this session.

They will end their evening with the Fair Day Dance, hopefully DJ-ed by yours truly, though the gig is not yet confirmed. Apparently, it’s down to the final two candidates, and to be honest, I’m not even sure I’m one of them.

However, what I am sure of is that it’s going to be a lovelier day than even the best bunch of interest groups, because not even SnackBeard’s best Cheez-its can compete with Fair Day food.


Gopher Girl



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