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Friday fun with flags, flowers, and fairy houses

Saturday, July 9th, 2022

Reflections from Peter and Meg…

We are just past the midpoint of Session One, with so much to celebrate. Your children have made the place their own from the very beginning of the session and we have been delighted to share the camp with them. This is a relaxed and open-minded group.

Activities all over camp reflect the vibrancy and creativity of the group. On our daily walks to the lake we find campers swimming and boating, theater rehearsals are gaining steam, campers and animals interact in every corner of camp, and the art studios are bursting.

All this in a year when some still questioned campers’ readiness for group life. Your children have demonstrated to themselves and others that they have not forgotten how to be kids. We could not be more proud of them.

A weekend email will provide more community details and look for an “end-of-session” email next week.

And now the latest from Gopher Girl…


Happy Saturday HVC Families!

Our day yesterday at camp ended as well as it started. The campers headed back to their cabins after evening program, looking up at the beautiful rainbow displayed in the sky.

The first day of the second round of classes was a hit among campers. From pottery, to mountain biking, to glass blowing, campers got to explore new interests.

The World Record Breaking class is making some real progress on records in bouncing tennis balls and lengthy piggy back rides.

Campers headed to Electives for evening program last night as well. They got to choose from a wide array of activities, including Capture the Flag, making flower crowns, glass art, meditation, breaking the “unbreakable” Nalgene water bottle, painting a tarp by dropping paint from the top of a tree house, making fairy houses, and more.

The camper-favorite Capture the Flag game was a blast as always. I got to participate in both the younger and older half games, and had trouble keeping up with the speed of both, even with my underground advantage. The campers are speedier than I had anticipated.

At the end of electives, the groups of activities were given the opportunity to share how their elective period went. The “break the Nalgene” crew, run by Chase, an HVC counselor, did indeed end up breaking the Nalgene after an entire half an hour of trying to get it to crack!

Speaking of chasing, tonight, campers are headed on a Scavenger Hunt after their second day of classes.

Gotta go-pher now. I’m on a scavenger hunt of my own to find soap strong enough to get this Capture the Flag paint out of my fur.

Wish me luck!


Go-pher Girl


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