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Fortunate to Experience (The Wheel of) Misfortune!?

Monday, August 7th, 2023

Hey guys!

Last night, we had a stunningly scary, deliciously daring time at the one and only WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE at the scene of the Forbidden Kitchen!!!

With a *mad* masterful chef helming the show with their posse of poker-faced aproned AWACs, a running suspenseful plot of unsuspecting tourists falling victim to various kitchenware, and of course a splattering of glorious food-themed challenges in which brave volunteer campers participated as selected by the night’s feared mystery creature Gruesome, it was an epic production!!

As evidenced by the photos, the challenges included sculpting spam, Twister with condiments, tossing cheetos onto shaving-creamed faces, eating donuts handless and flossing a sibling’s teeth! While the winners returned to the safety of their seats, the losers unanimously uttered the ‘magic word’ – faced their fates of being PIED – and then if proceeded to choose the phrase corresponding to the correct envelope, secured a counselor-gifted PRIZE for their cabin!!

But not to worry – today at morning meeting, the fun continued as the empty-handed cabins were awarded their share of prizes: think getting to style someone’s hair or dye another’s beard, partake in a tap or Highland dancing class, win a sweet treat or concoct a mystery smoothie for one plucky counselor 🙂

Today, we’re diving into our third day of classes before our first Lazy Day of the last two weeks – yay!! Tonight, we’re also getting ready to enjoy the Sock Hop Dance!!! Back to the good ‘ol days…or bringing them back (with a twist)!?

All the best, 

H.V. Scribe



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