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Fitness, Silly Songs, and ALOHA TUESDAY!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020


It’s Mag-O-Llama here, and I’ve got some updates for all of you! Here at HVC, we are having another very schvitzy day.  On the bright side, the humans here at camp are all wearing their Aloha Tuesday gear, which is a camp tradition here at HVC, and are thinking about how all of you would have been here yesterday for our first day of classes! At camp, we normally spend lots of time singing silly songs, playing outside, and getting our bodies moving! Even though we are not all together, you can still do these activities and follow along with the PD’s!  You can watch our “at home with HVC” workout, or sing along to the Princess Pat! Click the link here!! 


call and response

The Princess Pat
First infantry
She sailed across
The seven seas
She sailed across
The channel too
And she brought with her
A rickandandoo

A rickendandoo
Now what is that
It’s something made
By the Princess Pat
It’s red and gold
And purple too
That’s why it’s caaaaaaalled
A rickandandoo

Now CaptainJack
Hadamightyfine crew
He sailed across
The channel too
And his ship sank
And yours will too
If you don’t take
A rickandandoo


Now Captain Kirk
He was no jerk
And Mr. Spock
He was no jock
And their ship flew
And yours will too

If you take
A rickandandoo


After all of that singing, I’m feeling very inspired to learn a few more camp songs! Who knew that llamas could sing! I think that I’m on a fast track to becoming the first llama on Broadway!! If you want to learn some more of HVC’s famous sing along songs, you can go to our HVC songbook! Do you have a favorite song or activity here at camp? Let us know what it is! We are still looking for your help with our morning meeting announcements on Instagram! Send your submissions to [email protected] or [email protected] to be featured! 

I’m off to go sneak some snacks from the dining hall! I heard there might be cookies (: 

Peace, Love, and Llama Hugs!! 

Mag-O-Llama <3

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