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First Day

Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

Hey you guys! Camp is in swing!!

Yesterday, we dove into the first day of classes as the ropes course, fields and barns, studios, rec hall and waterfront came to life with campers under the guidance of our eager staff.

From morning meetings featuring our favorite funky traditions to tractor distributed snack, cozy rest hour and lively backyard fuzzy time, our daily routines are taking shape.

After afternoon snack, our first robust assortment of interest groups took place – catering to hobbies of all kinds including different sports games, friendship-bracelet making, puddle-painting and dining with donkeys!

After dinner, each cabin enjoyed bonding time in an array of activities organized by our hard-working counselors for cabin night ranging from baking and campfires to studio arts and waterfront fun.

Tonight, we’re gearing up our excitement for the one and only Llamapalooza! Staff are working to prepare a memorable and spirited night featuring super fun, semi-competitive activities like tic-tac-toe frisbee, blind clay sculpting, dizzy bat and water-balloon toss.

The sun may come and go, but our enthusiasm is unwavering ✨

Talk soon!

H. V. Scribe

P.S. Find a list of cabin nights – and lots of photos – below!


Cabin Nights

LCH: Cardboard Fort Building

Wombles: Woodworking 

Avalon: Egg Drop 

French Quarter: Tie Dye + Color Personality Test 

Loons: Zip Line 

Paquatahnee: Pool Party 

Muskingum: Stained Glass Coasters 

Bermuda Triangle: Lake + Campfire with S’mores 

Camelot: Campfire with S’mores 

Valhalla: Pool Party

Chateau Fiasco: Pizza Making at the Pizza Oven 

Fiddler’s Green: Treasure Hunt + Campfire with S’mores 

Haley’s Comet: Horse Games in the Ring + Campfire with S’mores 

Shangri-La: Pottery 

Forbidden Planet: Campfire at the top of The Hill + Games  

Taj Mahal: Line Dancing 

Community: Bonding Campfire


Cabin Night Photos!


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