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First Day of Classes – Yay!

Tuesday, July 25th, 2023

Happy first day of classes you guys!!

Last night, we enjoyed an enchanting opening night Pinegrove beneath the trees and around the fire (courtesy of HVA) where we were treated to unique parodies alongside familiar favorite songs and chants (love ya Princess Pat and Hermie the Worm!) by each cabin family. We also all sang “Oh How Lovely Is the Evening” all together as a camp. A lovely evening it was!

Today, we woke up at our routine times by age-group and followed the undeniable aroma of french toast into the dining hall for a champion’s breakfast before hanging out in the sun-filled backyard ahead of our first regular Morning Meeting.

The campers engaging in the ropes courses and glass beads for the day were announced, our rotating Thought du Jour duo dispensed their bite-sized wisdom, and the day’s lineup of fun Interest Groups ranging from Knockout to nail-painting, improv games and of course, quality garden time at Meg’s Planet announced themselves to eager ears. (We were also introduced to the lineup’s regular feature guest, Snackbeard the pirate!)

As classes get underway today with horses on the road, swimmers (plus kayakers, fishers and paddle boarders) in the pool and lake, dancers and artists in the studios and sports participants populating the fields and courts, it’s been a blast seeing the bubbles of joy and energy permeating camp.

Meanwhile tonight, we’re looking forward to quality bonding time with our first Cabin Night, when each cabin will gather at different spots to engage in such things as swimming, art-making, s’mores-roasting and game-playing as the sun dips below the horizon and we prepare for restful nights capping the busy day.

Keep an eye out for photos – plus a list of cabin night activities – tomorrow!!


H. V. Scribe

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