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First Day of Classes is Here!

Monday, June 26th, 2017

Wheel Pottery!

Rise and shine, world! Olive Oyl and I are here with a little preview of the day to come for all of HVC!

I, Luna Bug, was correct in my prediction of Egg Bar this morning for breakfast! So, fueled up on all the eggs, toast, and sausage we could eat, camp headed off to morning meeting. We heard about who is getting laundry done today, who is on ropes, and who is on glass beads.

It’s a glorious day for the first day of classes! The sun was shining on us as we headed off to first period, where all the campers are now. Then, it will be off to second and third period. After third period everyone will head to lunch, where they will meet up with their cabins or with friends for lunch. Then it’s rest period, and then after that will be fourth period. After fourth period we’ll have Interest Groups where everyone will grab their snack at the Snack Shack, and then head off to their Interest Groups, or just hang with friends. After that will be camp meeting, then dinner, and then finally CABIN NIGHT! Each of the counselors have something different planned for their cabins, so we’ll let you all know later what everyone has been up to!

Ta-ta for now!

Luna and Olive <3

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