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First Day of Classes!! (And Other Fun Things)

Saturday, August 5th, 2023

Hey there!

Yesterday night, campers had a blast watching a variety act performance by Bad River Band tribe member, mime artist and magician Leland Faulkner featuring animal shadow puppetry alongside global-themed storyteller mime acts that transported us to local and far-off places. With multiple mind-bending tricks sprinkled in the mix – think a masterly hat-disappearing routine and paper-to-animal metamorphoses – bolstered with audience exclamations and laughter, it was an enchanting event!

Today, we’ve awoken with many new cabinmates (welcome y’all!) to our first day of new classes! After jumping in the lake or pool; crafting, dancing or tinkering in the studios; running in the fields or courts; tending to the animals or hitting the trails; getting busy and happy in the blueberry field and more, we’ll all gather again at a slightly earlier time for evening meeting tonight. Hmmm…earlier meeting…what could that mean!??

After dinner, another exciting program is lined up for tonight: the Staff Talent Show!!! We’re pumped to see what fun shenanigans – and impressive skills – our versatile counselors have up their sleeves 🙂

Before I go, my (virtual) hand just can’t help but say one thing more. Here goes: we’re ***wheely*** looking forward to evening program tomorrow… 


H. V. Scribe


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