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First Cabin Night of the Session!

Monday, July 5th, 2021

Afternoon Folks!

Sadie here with the daily scoop about camp life! Let me tell you about last night… Cabin Night! The first of the session! And boy was it a success. Here’s the rundown of what everyone was up to:

  • Loons made superhero capes!
  • Avalon played basketball and made glass beads.
  • Wombles worked on a glass project with Phillippe
  • French Quarter had a s’more and spa night
  • Paquatahnee did a glass project with Dani
  • Valhalla had a karaoke night!
  • Shangri-La did some tie dying and made themselves some shirley temples (they are the Shangri-La Shirley Temples after all!)
  • Bermuda Triangle made clay sculptures and then helped out Community at the pizza oven
  • Forbidden Planet and Taj Mahal faced off in a capture the flag game
  • Camelot baked coffee cake muffins and definitely had a singalong kind of night
  • Haley’s Comet had a spa night!
  • Community spent not just their evening but also their afternoon prepping for their pizza night. Have you heard about this?! Community is carrying on a HVC tradition started last summer! They are cooking up pizzas every Sunday night and delivering them to the end of camp road. There they can be picked up for free by anyone in need of a pizza! All donations are given to Waldo County Bounty (food pantries and soup kitchens).

Check out the photos!

-Sadie the Llama

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