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First Cabin Night – Alright!!

Wednesday, July 26th, 2023

Happy Wednesday everyone!

We had an incredible first day of classes!! yay! yay! yay!

Yesterday evening, we braved a briefly energetic shvitz – HVC lingo for rain – that fizzled out right in time for us to enjoy our first Cabin Night to the fullest, where each cabin gathered at different locations around camp to get better acquainted and have fun with one another. See footage below!

It’s a super sunny day here at HVC today, and we’re thrilled about it 🙂 With our second day of classes up and running and our daily routine falling into place, it’s a joy to see everyone filling the dining hall in the morning and dispersing into the backyard before regrouping for our all-camp morning meeting.

This morning uniquely featured a Moxie chugging contest (a Maine specialty carbonated drink) between five counselors to recognize tonight’s participation of Snackbeard’s lookalike in the annual contest at the local Moxie Festival! For our HVC round, the champion title goes out to Sascha a.k.a. our resident Laundry Announcer, Sascha Washa!

Tonight, we’re looking forward to the one and only Llamapalooza!! At this HVC signature event, younger and older halves will take their respective sides of Deer Meadows field to engage in a variety of loosely competitive, ultra-fun activities including water balloon toss, blind clay sculpting, dizzy bat and more. To wrap up the games we’ll also enjoy a camp favorite, the counselor relay race ‘Wake Up Challenge!’ (See photos tomorrow!)

All-in-all, things are going swimmingly (and swingingly, etc.) at HVC and we have so much more to look forward to in the coming days!

Here’s a list of the cabin night activities from yesterday:

LCH: Tractor Ride

Avalon: Lake + S’mores

Loons: Zipline

Bermuda Triangle: Campfire Cookout

Forbidden Planet: Lawn Games

Wombles: Fairy houses

French Quarter: Trip to the Blueberry Field

Paquatahnee: Popsicle Dance Party

Muskingum: Tie Dye

Gimme Shelter: Rock Painting + S’mores

Camelot: Spa Night + S’mores

Fiddler’s Green: Pool + S’mores

Shangri-La: Lake + S’mores

Taj Majal: Cookie S’mores

Haley’s Comet: Pizza


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