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The HVC Autumn Report!

Wednesday, November 1st, 2023

Hey there! It’s me, The Dining Hall Dragon!

Once again, I am grateful enough to live in the dining hall, one of HVC’s few heated buildings! As temperatures drop in Maine, lots of the work around camp needs to be completed before the arrival of snow. Even when campers are running through the Valley, here at HVC things are moving and shaking!

Never fear, Al and Derek are here (to repair the Taj steps!)

Al, Derek and Tim have been busy around camp reinforcing decks, painting, and re-doing fences up at Brumby. They’ve repaired siding on the farmhouse and replaced the railroad ties that make up the steps to Taj Mahal. And don’t forget about essential roof repairs on Avalon and Paquatahnee!

Paquatahnee roof repairs!

And our wonderful Ladybugs have been cleaning cabins, painting picnic tables, and managing the thousands of fall leaves that have begun to drop! No doubt that those orange-autumnal colors are beautiful. The Ladybugs have also cleaned all the cabins five times this fall—after camp there were three weddings and an amazing alumni reunion!

Serena, Queen of the Leafblower

All the office carpets got a special post camp cleaning!

Other camp happenings that are essential for a transition into winter include covering the pool (fun!). Soon, the Green Pig and Dodge Dart will move into their winter home, the Rec Hall. 

Tim hard at work repairing the Farmhouse siding!

And indoors, Celie and Lucia have been speaking with new families and have begun planning for another summer. The Kassens enjoyed a quick hiking trip along the Maine coast and a visit with their younger daughter in Colorado. They are both busy around the property and speaking with new and returning camp families! We can’t wait for another summer with you all! 

More reports from the Valley soon,

The Dining Hall Dragon

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