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Electives and More!

Thursday, July 31st, 2014


Hey all! Lady of the Lake with all the latest Trip / Lazy Day news!

This morning, the younger half of camp had Zoo Day as their lazy day activity. As classic Disney tunes blasted through speakers around camp, campers took part in a variety of activities. For those kids searching for an active morning, there was a hyena relay, animal spitting (where kids tried to spit peas the furthest) and seal basketball. For those yearning to get creative, there was face painting, animal charades, and ear / mask making. Since it was a beautiful, sunny day, kids could splash around and cool off at the polar plunge, which was fun slip n’ slide. Of course, it wouldn’t be zoo day without a few animals, so we had our very own petting zoo. Elise the counselor helped introduce many campers to the guinea pigs, donkeys, and ducks!

Meanwhile, the older half of camp headed off to pool activities. As mentioned, the weather was absolutely perfect, so there was no better time to lounge by the pool. In addition to swimming in the pool, campers relaxed by making friendship bracelets, playing cards, listening to music, reading, heading down a slip n’ slide, and playing frisbee. Throughout their relaxing morning, their excitement about going to the fair just kept growing!

There’ll be plenty more news about this afternoon’s activities (including the Bangor State Fair and magic workshops!) to come tomorrow.

For now, let’s talk about yesterday’s evening meeting and electives. At meeting, our resident sports newscaster, dubbed “Sporty McGee,” gave us a very important news announcement. If you haven’t been keeping up with the senior curling championships, have no fear, I’m here to let you know that Canada beat Sweden. These are the important sports we follow here at HVC. Our PD Hilary is actually a curler, so she was quite excited to hear this news! We also heard that the fastest tennis serve ever happened, and that the Cubs played a 6 hour, 40 minute – 16 inning – game. But that news was minor compared to the curling news!

For last night’s evening program, we had Electives. That’s where the counselors host tons of activities, and campers get to choose what they do for the night. Last night, campers participated in loads of different things. There was a massive game of capture the flag played all over one of our many fields. In a similar vein, there were sardines (a spin on the classic hide-n-go-seek) and disc golf. For those craving a delicious treat, the pizza oven was cranking, and the AWACs hosted a cookie decorating station. And if a camper couldn’t choose between those two, in the kitchen folks created a giant cookie pizza!

For the water inclined folks, the hot tub was poppin’, folks headed down to the lake, and in the pool, campers played a game of Cascade. That’s where the pool is divided into two halves, and hundreds of balls are poured in. Campers on teams try to eliminate the balls from their half of the pool. It’s great fun!

On the adventurous side, campers headed up to the Tipi zip line, took a creek hike, and had a massive scavenger hunt. On the artistic and musical side, there was a dance party, a jam session, glass beads making, light painting, and a splatter paint party. Those who partook in the splatter paint party then took it upon themselves to share their painted selves with camp by posing as artistic statues throughout the backyard.There really was something for everyone. We finished the night up in the Rec Hall by singing camp songs all together!

Alright, well that’s all for now, and be sure to check back tomorrow for loads more information about today and tonight!

In a while, crocodiles!

Lady of the Lake

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