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Dressing in the Dark on Junk Food Day!

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

We love donuts on Junk Food Day!

Aloha friends and fellows! Cara here on this slightly schvitzy aloha Tuesday to tell you all the latest news.

Last night we had a fantastic Valleyfest, our camper talent show. We had thirty-five awesome acts, including lots of singing and playing instruments (including a trombone!), a comedy routine involving yogurt, a toothbrush, and a tiny dance, magic tricks, a skit involving some silly dancing, Tae Kwon Do and a knitting song. All campers were super supportive audience members, giving big cheers after each act. It’s amazing to be in a place where we don’t have to be afraid to perform or put themselves out there. Campers and staff are always here to lift each other up.

Today is Dress in the Dark Day! After waking up to the light pitter-patter of schvitz on our rooftops, we adorned ourselves in some pretty whacky outfits. Everyone’s DDD technique is different. Some take the name literally, reaching blindly into their cubbies and wearing whatever it is that their hands find. Others calculate their ensemble, carefully selecting the perfectly mix-matched socks, the most contrasting patterns of shirts and pants, or even placing a bathing suit over their clothes as the finishing touch. Once we were dressed and looking fabulously silly, we entered the dining hall and found no ordinary breakfast. There were donuts, Pop-tarts, and sugary cereal covering the buffet tables. This could only mean one thing- JUNK FOOD DAY!! At camp meeting, we discussed the creative ways that everyone enjoyed their junk food, including a special donut-taco creation complete with a demonstration in front of camp. Luna and I can’t wait to see everyone’s creations come lunch time when hot dogs, Cheetos, Oreos, and marshmallow fluff will be available.

Right now, everyone is enjoying the fourth day of classes. Today is the last day of our first set of minis, classes that last four days instead of eight. Tomorrow, we will start our second minis, adding something fresh and new into our second set of classes this session. After a dinner topped off with special Junk Food Day ice cream sundaes, we’ll gather at the Rec Hall for an awesome evening program. Tonight is the “When I Was Young” dance, a dance where campers can dress as babies or old people, and participate in young and old activities. Sounds like a blast to me! That’s all for now, but enjoy photos from Valleyfest, Dress in the Dark Day, and Junk Food Day!

Climbing away!

Cara B. Ner

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