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Diving In The Dark Into a New Day of Minis!

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Blowing bubbles at the under the sea dance!

Hey there! Mama Iguana here to tell you all about the Under the Sea dance and the exciting day we’ve had so far!

Last night, camp went over to the Rec Hall area for an Under the Sea dance! People were dressed up in swim suits, shark t-shirts, and some even put sunscreen on their nose! Counselors were running many fun activities: sharks and minnows, mermaid face paint, a shark name change, and so much more! People were dancing, hanging out with their friends, and participating in the activities. The night ended with a special treat: everyone got to watch all the videos made from the first two weeks of camp. There was lots of laughter and cheers celebrating all the hard work campers and video staff have put in to make such successful short films!

Today, we woke up and all got ready in the dark! Last night, the program directors announced that today would be dress in the dark day, meaning that campers showed up to breakfast in the wackiest outfits! Check out a few photos below to see what all the hype is about. As we arrived at breakfast, strawberry sauce and syrup was in the air for waffles!!! Between the crazy outfits and wonderful breakfast, I knew that today would be a great day! Campers in Taj and Forbidden even switched things up by swapping their morning meeting announcements of thought de jour and spirit animal!

Speaking of the excitement of today, it is also the first day of the second set of minis! Some classes are considered minis, meaning they are only four days long. Therefore, since it is the fifth day of classes, the new minis have started! Second and third period today, many campers will be going to new classes! How awesome is that?!

Alright, I gotta blast. Tonight is cabin night, so stay tuned to hear all about it from Cara tomorrow. For now, check out photos from the dance, classes and a dress in the dark day!

Peace out!!!

Mama Iguana

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