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Departure Day :’)

Thursday, August 17th, 2023

(A final) hey there!

Alas, Departure Day has snuck up on us! Yet as is the nature of HVC, though it’s sad to go, we’re leaving with a bounty of precious memories, silly and sweet, and touched by the indelible mark of powerful friendships and meaningful connections throughout our time alongside an arsenal of new skills and strengthened appreciation for the inimitable beauty of nature, community and childhood.

Yesterday evening, we had an extraordinary time closing out Packing Day and the session at large with the one-and-only Lobster Banquet – see footage below! – after engaging in our final cabin activities (see the list below) followed by our closing Pinegrove ceremony.


As a hearty bunch of bib-armored campers got cracking (literally) on their rewarding fare, the rest enjoyed their chicken parm or spanakopita, and the mood was festive and infectious all around 🙂

After an anticipatory lead up spent backyard frolicking, the thunderous drumroll of united table-banging began, announcing the advent of cow-costumed Meg and Philly laden with pints of Ben & Jerry’s!!!

Once campers’ hearts and bellies were full, campers and counselors walked up the hill arm-in-arm to our reverent Pinegrove sanctuary around a scintillating bonfire courtesy of HVA where they watched acts performed by each cabin.

In addition to personalized parodies and bittersweet classics, the variety included HVC staple repeat-after-mes, performances from the ropes and lifeguard staff, and a traditional Peter ditty alongside a heartfelt whole-camp round of ‘Oh, How Lovely is the Evening’. (It really was!)

As the singing came to a close, cabin groups began trickling out to form the procession for the poignant candle-lighting ceremony down the hill. As flames winked in and out of the balmy night, illuminating dewy faces to accommodate hugs alongside candle tapping and rekindling, each camper extended their gratitude, love and farewells to every other in a beautiful and heartwarming affair.

Today, all campers beat the sun this morning – the majority to the rousing sound of camp song caroling by Forbidden and Taj campers – to indulge in steaming hot chocolate and bid final goodbyes before seeing off or departing on the Newton and Portchester buses HVC style, i.e. performing the ‘Funky Chicken’!

As cars have begun chugging up the road, the waiting campers have been enjoying their final dose of backyard time in merry weather, chatting and playing and making these last moments count.

Second session, it’s been an absolute treat and honor recording the day-to-day happenings – and only the big ones! – of this dazzling place full of such vivacious, curious, talented and beautiful souls. Wishing everyone a rejuvenating end of summer and a wonderful winter!

While this blog will momentarily go quiet, you’ll hear from camp again after Labor Day in a couple of weeks 🙂


H. V. Scribe

Cabin Activities

LCH: Games around Red Barn fireplace

Avalon: Blueberry field fun

Wombles: Talent Show

French Quarter: Games, Warm & fuzzies and Candy

Loons: Games mash-up

Paquatahnee: Popsicles & Whitebook signing

Muskingum: Cabin photo signing

Gimme Shelter: Water balloon fun & Cabin photo

Fiddler’s Green: Cabin photo collage

Valhalla: Hangout & Whitebook signing 

Camelot: Whitebook signing & Cabin photo 

Shangri-La: Car mail

Haley’s Comet: Nail painting with show-watching

Taj Mahal: Cabin photo signing

Bermuda Triangle: Games & Ice pops

Forbidden Planet: Pickleball

HVA: Counselor Hunt

Lobster Banquet

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