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Deja Vu, It’s Session Two!

Friday, July 20th, 2018

Taj campers, Kat and Finn!

Good evening, night owls! Cara B. here with the late night scoop.

Today after a much needed rest and celebration of a successful first session, our staff returned to camp to prepare for second session! After reflecting on all of the excitement last month, counselors got acquainted with their new co counselors, did some lesson planning for classes, and helped with various work projects around camp.

In the afternoon, our intersession campers returned from their trip! They visited Fort Knox and the Penobscot Narrows Observatory- it must have been awesome view from up in the observation tower, which is 420′ above sea level! Be sure to check out photos from the trip below.

After a delicious dinner cooked by our lovely Forbidden Planet counselors, we gathered in the backyard for cabin for cabin preparations. We made bunk and cubby tags, welcome signs, chore charts, mailboxes, shower schedules, and more! Good thing we had help from our intersessioners to complete all the lovely decorations. Each cabin has a new theme for the coming session:

The looney toons of Loons

Down Under the sea

Gimme Shelter ghosts

French 1/4 Flamingos

Paquatahnee in paradise

Avalon aviators

Lower Carriage House  Llamas, Cows, and Chickens

Shangri-Let it snow!

Chateau Fiasco dough bros

Wombles waffles

Camelot jam-a-lot

Wabanaki in wonderland


Fiddler’s Green flames

Bermuda Triangle burritos

Forbidden Planet  kitchen

Taj Ma-fall

Celestial ALIVE! 

Wow! The night was full of fun, laughter, and lots of glitter! Once our cabin decorations were finished, campers headed to their cabins to unpack and get a good night’s sleep. Later this evening, some international campers will be arriving to join the intersessioners in their bunks!

Tomorrow is Arrival Day, which will mark the official start of second session! We’ll be hanging out in the front yard all day long making friendship bracelets and name tags, playing frisbee and guitar, and welcoming campers as they arrive. Mama Iguana and I are beyond psyched for a whole new session- there is so much fun and excitement ahead! I’ve got to get some shut eye before the big day tomorrow. For now, enjoy some photos from intersession and cabin prep.

Nighty night and sleep tight!

Cara B. Ner

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