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Dance, Dance!

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Hidden Valley fans! Hi! This is Alleycat here with some more info for you all.

We missed the schvitz last night! Which is the best news, because that means our Fair Day dance was able to be held in the backyard, as tradition goes. The music pumped from the gazebo as campers and counselors went wild. Others swung on the swings, played cards, played magic, played frisbee (lots of playing, as it should be), made a fort of Crazy Creeks, and more. Everyone found something to do, whether it be sign their friend’s white books or read their latest literary addiction beneath the apple tree. To close the evening, the PDs hooked up a projector in the gazebo and campers were able to watch the highlight videos from end of first session/beginning of second session and another second session video.

It is the ever enchanting packing day today and as a bit of a treat, wake up and breakfast were an hour later and breakfast was… cinnamon rolls! Cinnamon buns! Cinnabuns! Cinnarolls! Whichever name you fancy, I hope we can agree that the cinnamon dose of sugar was a wonderful kickstart to the day.

At morning meeting, Peter and Meg honored the pro staff, the ladybugs and maintenance staff, all of the counselors, and of course our FANTASTIC PDs. Roses, cards, and hugs along with some kind words from Peter broke up the epic long camp meeting which included a breakdown of our eventful day today. Campers picked up their valuables, meds, sorted through the lost and found, and claimed their masterpieces before heading back to their cabins to do a deep clean and pack… which is where there are now!

Lunch is soon and after that each cabin has a very special cabin day activity planned. There will be an update of this and pictures later on tonight. As well as a brief update from the spectacular not-to-be-missed lobster banquet!!

Then it’s pine grove tonight with a candlelight ceremony to say see you later to all our new and old friends… and a 5AM wake-up so kiddos can make their way to their folks in the morning.

Everything is moving right along here. Though it’s always a bit sad to leave a magical place like HVC, everyone has grown and learned about themselves this summer and we are all incredibly lucky to have a place like this.

Until tonight,

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