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Comings and Goings: The Laziest Lazy Day of Them All!

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

So excited for Pajama Day!

Good evening, everybody!

It’s Luna Bug here, writing to you all from the end of a fantastic Pajama Day. Today was a day of comings and goings: we had our first-half-of-the-session two-weekers depart this morning, and at the same time the second-half-of-the-session two-weekers arrived!

This morning we woke up extra late- the younger half at 8:10 and the older half at 8:35 (silent ups!)! Everybody woke up, got dressed stayed in our pajamas, brushed our teeth, and headed over to breakfast! It was so fun to see the parade of animal onesies and patterned shorts and pants from all across camp that normally only our cabins can see!

After breakfast, everybody headed down to the pool for a morning of class signups and pool activities. As the morning progressed, we filed through the signups by cabin. It was so fun to pick the four classes that will happen over the second two weeks of the session!

By lunch almost all of the new campers had arrived, and everybody ate at the dining halls in cabin groups. Afterwards it was rest period, during which the new campers did ookoo checks and swim evaluations. Then, it was onwards to our cabin activities! Here’s what each cabin got up to:

Lower Carriage House painted individual LCH flags and drawings that will be taped together to make a mural!

Loons made pasta by hand

Avalon Did the Peter Boie workshop. He’s the magician who is coming to our evening program tonight.

Chateau Fiasco did t-shirt printing in the Buckhorn

Treasure Island made a video around camp

Atlantis made stick bread

Forbidden Planet Made pizza in the pizza oven

Down Under did tie-dye

Wombles played fun games in the backyard

Paquatahnee had a spa day

Gimme Shelter did the second Peter Boie Workshop, with the magician who is going to be performing for our evening program tonight

French Quarter made glass beads and hung out with the animals at the Animal Pen

Shangri-La made memory jars

Wabanaki made pottery

Camelot made t-shirts and had a paint party!

Valhalla threw water balloons on tip zip

Halley’s Comet made pizza as well!

Taj Mahal went to an escape room and got their Taj t-shirts today.

It was such an awesome afternoon, and a great way to welcome in the new two-weekers to cabin and camp life!

After cabin activities we all went to the Rec Hall to watch the camp videos that included pictures from the session and highlights from the first two weeks. Then we went to the backyard for evening meeting, and now it’s time for dinner! If my bug senses are correct, it’s tacos tonight…

After dinner we’ll head over to the Rec Hall once more for Peter Boie- the coolest magician in all of Montville! It’s the perfect way to relax and have fun after this busy and jam packed day. Wait, I thought this was a lazy day…

Check below for photos from the various cabin activities today, as well as pool activities pictures. Tomorrow we’ll have a bigger update on sharing night so be sure to check back in tomorrow!

Over and out,

The Bug

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