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Classic Duo: Electives and Cabin Night :)

Monday, July 31st, 2023


Yesterday evening, we had a terrific time at Electives – see photos below! While a large group of campers participated in high-energy Capture the Flag games, others got busy with activities ranging from Just Dance, Knockout, campfire cooking and spa night to glass working and rock painting, dad jokes/soccer and a costume parade!

Today, we followed the inimitable aroma of bacon into the dining hall for an extra-smiley breakfast before diving into our sixth day of classes! Tonight, we’re looking forward to our second Cabin Night evening program lovingly organized by our creative counselors.

On a side note, there’ve been some quirky additions to our Interest Group lineup of late! Alongside staples like Mafia and frisbee, nail-painting and book club (in addition to the classic sports offerings and animal care), the backyard has recently hosted activities like ‘complimenting’, ‘complaining’ and ‘formally debating which cabin is superior’.

Today at the sandbox, there’s yet another special one: speculations about Junk Food Day!! With clues starting to appear at the dining hall window, the sugary spirit is in the air (and on our minds)…

All in good time,

H. V. Scribe



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