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Classes, Cabins, and Crazy Talent!

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Big cheers at the staff talent show!

Hi there! It’s Mama Iguana here to give you an update on the past couple days. Camp is getting busier and busier as we approach the final week of staff training… only three more days until our first campers arrive!

Counselors have been busy prepping for their classes after finding out their schedules for the first two weeks of camp. The other night, the evening program was lesson planning! Starting off the night, counselors rotated through a few stations learning how to build a fire and how to structure a class featuring plumbing 101 with Peter. Counselors then met with area heads of various parts of camp to discuss what they wanted to teach, what materials they needed, and how to make their classes as fun and exciting as possible! Everyone is super pumped to share all their skills with campers in a few days!

On Sunday afternoon, staff got their cabin assignments and moved into their cabins with their co-counselors. The night was full of discussion on cabin life, communication between staff, and getting to know each other! Counselors started thinking about cabin themes, structure, and some fun activities for cabins the first few nights of camp.

Last night, the kitchen staff prepared a wonderful dinner of pesto pasta and chocolate chip cookies. Everyone was raving over the amazing meal which led to an amazing night! Staff gathered into the Rec Hall for the Staff Talent Show! The MC’s were on a family road trip, stopping at various attractions throughout the show. Ian kicked off the night by catching various foods with increasing size into his mouth, Sandia sang a lovely song with Dario on piano, Seth and Nick put on a hilarious performance, and Lucy, Elise, and Cate sang some Miley Cyrus without opening their mouths! The night ended with an unbelievable HVC band. The crowd was blown away and couldn’t stop themselves from dancing in their seats. There was also a late night show with Moses and Will to give new counselors an overview on some miscellaneous camp areas. It was a night full of entertainment and wow, was it impressive! Who knew so many people had such amazing talents!

Today, different areas of camp are finishing up drills, counselors will be teaching mock lessons to various staff members in art, dance, horses, and more! Our AWACs (Awaiting Work as Counselors) will arrive in a few days and cabin prep will continue!

Stay tuned for more updates and check out photos from the talent show!

Catch you on the flipside!

Mama Iguana

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