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Chickens Running… Into the Montville Road Race!

Saturday, August 11th, 2018

Enjoying some friend time before class!

Gooood morning sunshines! I can’t wait to update you all on all the excitement in store the next couple days. Let’s start with a re-re-re-re-rewind to last night!

You have probably all been on the edge of your seats, eagerly waiting for the title of the movie. Can I have a drum roll please? ….CHICKEN RUN!…one of my all time favorite movies, a heartwarming story of team work and community building. AND PIE! We laughed, we cried, we cheered, and we all got a great night’s sleep afterwards!

We awoke this morning to a beautiful breakfast of coffee cake and eggs, and gathered for morning meeting, where we heard a preview of some of the exciting things coming up in this last week of camp, like Fair Day, the Brumby Fun Show, Lobster Banquet and more!! We can’t wait to update you soon on all of it! We also noticed at morning meeting that we were missing some campers and counselors, who are currently running the Montville Road Race AS I TYPE!! The Montville Road Race is a two mile down-hill race that is a staple of second session, and a super fun way for campers and counselors alike to reach out and get involved in the greater Montville community. Those campers and counselors will be back in time for second period, and all of us here at camp can’t wait to welcome them back and congratulate them on a job well run!

We’re looking forward to the camper-counselor basketball game this afternoon, where our camper basketball team will take on the infamous Team X as the rest of camp watches and decorates white books! We can’t wait to show you pictures from the game tomorrow!

In the meantime, soak up the sun and enjoy this beautiful second-to-last day of classes!! Photos are posted below of the movie and some fun class group photos!

Get it done, Chicken Run,
Mama Iguana

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