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Monday, April 1st, 2019

Extreme llama jumping down Fifth Avenue

Good morning, HVC! Hummingbird reporting here live from the Valley News Headquarters (located in the Video Loft upstairs in the Red Barn) to bring you this breaking report. It seems the llamas escaped from the llama pen in the early hours of this morning in disguise, chartered the Candy Drop Plane to fly them from Maine to New York City, and spent the day exploring all the best of fine dining, culture, and recreation that the city has to offer.

Camp directors Peter and Meg Kassen woke for their daily trip to the lake to find Hamilton the pig, longtime resident of the llama pen, alone in his habitat. Hamilton informed the concerned Kassens that, though he had tried to stop the llamas, Cricket and the gang insisted they needed a break from all the stress of rural life; that they craved the feel of paved roads under their hooves; and that their species’ origins in the Andean mountains of South America required they reach a certain altitude that only the Candy Drop Plane could achieve.

New York-based campers first reported seeing the llamas clomp into the MoMA at approximately 9:43 this morning, EST. The next report came from midtown, where the llamas were spotted stepping out of a cab to attend a matinee of Hamilton. Several hours later they were seen and (unfortunately) heard recreating “The Battle of Yorktown” in Times Square. According to an eyewitness, they were allegedly rehearsing to bring the show back to HVC’s own Hamilton the pig upon their return to the Valley.

To gain some insight into this unique llama behavior I spoke with former HVC Llama Mama, Robin Harris (featured in a photograph below, enjoying some shade with campers and llama pals). Robin reported that Blackberry and Stanley had mentioned a desire to get a nibble of the famous trees of Central Park, and speculates that the taste for gourmet greens may have enticed the llamas to New York.

Most recent reports claim the llamas have boarded the Candy Drop Plane once again. They are expected to land in Belfast, Maine later this evening, where they will be escorted back to camp by Robin, the Kassens, and an ornery Hamilton, who is anticipating sitting through the llamas’ rendering of an entire Broadway show.

Many thanks to our camper correspondents and Robin Harris for their insights as this story has unfolded. Oh, and also… APRIL FOOLS!!!

Tricked ya!
Hummingbird 🙂


Friday, August 7th, 2015


Hello, hello! Humming Bird here with Cat Nap to update you on all the glorious excitement about the first day of classes!

Yesterday we all signed up for our second round of classes, and after all our suspenseful waiting THE DAY IS HERE!! We gathered for a beautiful egg bar breakfast this morning, provided by the luminescent Chris and Lillian, after which we went to our Morning Meeting! We enjoyed all the old favorite Meeting features, like the Fiddlers Green Farming Fact (ee-aye-ee-aye-oh!), the Spirit Animal of the Day, the Annoying Song of the Day, the Gurus of Uselessness, and Thought du Jour! Check out some wacky pictures below!!

Also included in Meeting today was a little explanation for our wonderful new campers who arrived yesterday, about how classes work around here! After which, we were all released to go enjoy the aforementioned classes!

Cat Nap and I did some journalistic investigation this morning to determine how the campers REALLY feel about this day, and after sending the feedback we received from the campers in to our analysts for their analysis, the statistics are in and they are OVERWHELMINGLY positive!! Our campers are just plain EXCITED to begin their new classes today!! Check out some pictures we snagged of our smiling campers’ faces in their first class of the day!!

Tonight we have a super fun evening program… ELECTIVES!! Counselors will line up on the soccer field to announce what activities they will be leading, like Glass Beads, Capture the Flag, Baking Cookies, and more! Then campers will “walk very slowly and cautiously and respectfully” (just kidding… they’ll book it!) to the counselors leading the activity they ELECT to participate in for the night! It’s a super fun evening program, and Cat Nap and I can’t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow!! It’s the CAT’S MEOW!! (“You’re still not funny, Humming Bird.” – Cat Nap)

Alive went with the main camp Shakespeare class to see a Midsummer Night’s Dream yesterday!! The Shakespeare class is putting the very same show on here at camp this session, so we look forward to watching all their hard work in the near future!

The Apprentices yesterday went to an exhibit in Rockport yesterday called “Geography of Youth.” It’s a photo exhibit that also documents the words and stories of young people in Maine! Then last night they joined their PD contact, Sarah, in making some beautiful glass beads!

Adventures is still on their backpacking trip through the White Mountains. This is a trip that their counselor, Paul, developed an implemented just this year!! Paul is currently studying to become an Outdoor Educator, and he used all his training to plan this trip, so it could be fun, educational, and appropriately challenging for the Adventures campers. Cat Nap and I, and the rest of camp, can’t wait to hear all about their excursion when they come back!!

Well we’re off to rescue the cucumber that went missing from Meg’s Planet yesterday… Who on Earth would steal such a succulent cucumber? And so close to the Pickle Sacrifice!! (More on that in the future… stay tuned!)

Chirp, Hum, Meow,

Humming Bird and Cat Nap

Kim & Reggie, HV Adventures, and BAZZINGA!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015


Good mooooooorning!! Humming Bird and Cat Nap here! We didn’t get enough of Kim and Reggie last night, so they gave us a special performance this morning during our Meeting as well! LCH helped them sing some fan favorites like I knows it and Follow the Drinking Gourd! Thank you, Kim and Reggie for getting our day started off right!!


TONIGHT IS BAZZINGA!!!!!!!!!!!! “Need I bother to ask what that is, Humming Bird??” No! You need not ask! I’ll tell you!! Bazzinga is an evening program of pure madness and shenanigans, where OUR COUNSELORS GET SCRAMBLED AROUND!! Cabins get a new set of counselors, starting at Evening Meeting. These counselors stay with their new cabins for the night, and engage in different activities! For example, some cabins will be playing Quidditch, some will play Cascade in the pool, there will be some Capture the Flag action, some cabins will play ManHunt, and still others will put on a Newspaper Fashion Show! It’s sure to be a super fun night, and Cat Nap and I can’t wait to report back on it!

Until then, enjoy this blurb from the counselors of our Hidden Valley Adventures program!! Our adventurers got back a few days ago from their wild journey, and as we speak they are about to embark on a second one!! Here is what their counselors, Sarah and Paul, sent to the parents of our teen program campers!!

Spednic Lake and St.Croix River

It feels like just yesterday we were loading six eager teenagers into the van to head to Northern Maine for our first real adventure. The setting: Spednic Lake and the St.Croix River. The mode of transportation: loaded down canoes. The level of excitement: off the charts.

First, we met up with our guide Steve before heading to our put in point at Spednic. We spent the first couple days learning to paddle and maneuver our crafts in anticipation of the white water that awaited us on the river. We got to the river on the second afternoon and it wasn’t long before our skills were tested with sleepers (hidden rocks that will grab your boat and not let go) and a tasting of white water. Over the next few days we braved Little Falls, zigged and zagged through mile long white water and jumped in swimming holes to stay cool.The weather held out for six of the seven days with the only weather coming in on our last afternoon out.

The kids are filled with stories of the times they nearly capsized (and whose fault that may or may not have been) the tort raptor and the endless pot of beans that needed to be consumed. Though the stories may seem silly, it shows that they are comfortable enough to be silly and work hard at the same time.

It was absolutely wonderful watching the group learn the skills necessary to function in the wilderness. Everyone learned how to chop wood and build a fire as well as cook tasty food for an entire group. Through the gaining of these new skills the group really came together as a unit to perform all the tasks and had a blast doing it. Adventures aren’t the easiest thing to transition to but the group is really doing great. Everyone is picking up skills quickly and becoming great adventurers. We are all excited to see what our next trip into the White Mountains holds for us.

Until then remember… Adventure is out there!

Well there you have it, folks!! Sounds like a pretty cool program! Stay tuned for more news on their progress and adventures!! Also tune in tomorrow for photos of Bazzinga!!

Cat Nap and I have to go ask Adventures for some survival skills before they head out!! Wish us luck!

Chirp, Hum, Meow,

Humming Bird and Cat Nap

The Dance, Junk Food Day, and Jake Day! Oh My!

Saturday, August 1st, 2015


HELLO, HELLO, HELLO!! It’s a beautiful day here at camp, and do you know why?? I’ll tell you! IT’S JUNK FOOD DAY!!! Humming Bird and Cat Nap here with pictures and words to update y’all on this SWEET day!! (“Hahaha! That’s a knee slapper…” – Humming Bird, “Stop it, Humming Bird, that was dumb” – Cat Nap)

What on Earth is Junk Food Day? I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you! Junk food day is the beautiful day that comes once a session, when all the healthy food in the dining hall is magically replaced with JUNK FOOD!! For breakfast we enjoyed a gourmet display of donuts, pop tarts and sugary cereals (don’t worry, parents, there were eggs and fruit as well!) For lunch we will be dining on fluffernutter sandwiches (peanut butter and marshmallow fluff) and hot dogs (there will also be salad for campers who wish to opt out of the junk food mayhem) and at dinner we will settle in for a yummy meal of ravioli!

But the food here isn’t all junk!! Last night, for example, our exquisite kitchen staff cooked us a yummy southern-style meal of barbeque chicken, corn bread, collard greens, and salad, with a vegetarian option of barbeque tempeh!

Not only is today Junk Food Day, but it’s also JAKE DAY!! WHAT ON EARTH IS JAKE DAY, HUMMING BIRD?? Well, I will tell you!! Jake day is a magical day when the Video Staff takes– you guessed it!– video of every single cabin performing their cabin cheer! Cabins sit in front of Tipi Hill, shout out their cheers, and then they go down the line and everyone says their name super loud! “And what is all this fabulous footage used for, Humming Bird and Cat Nap?” Well, at the end of the session, a wonderful guy named Jake takes all this footage, and creates a digital yearbook that every camper will receive in the mail in December!! It will include footage of our Meetings, our evening programs, and our Trip/Lazy Days, in addition to every cabin’s cheers and names!! It’s a wonderful reminder of our time at camp, so look out for it in December!!!

Last night was the Super Heroes and Villains Dance!! Cat Nap and I joined our campers and got our faces painted, practiced our evil laughs at the laugh station, went through an obstacle course to keep up our litheness, and did some target practice at the basketball court!! Check out pictures of all the evil antics we got up to!!

Cat Nap and I are off to hunt for more donuts!! Tune back in tomorrow for more Junk Food Day pictures!!

Chirp, Hum, Meow,

Humming Bird and Cat Nap

PS: Check out some pictures below of the apprentices practicing their glass blowing!

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