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So Many Exciting Things Happening!!!

Thursday, July 11th, 2019

Taj Mahal

GOOOOOD MORNING HVC!!!!!! It’s Mag-O-Llama here! We had a lot of fun yesterday and I can’t wait to tell you why 🙂

During interest groups yesterday the soccer teams went head to head in a super fun game that ended in a tie!! Campers had fun watching the game and cheering on their friends, while also enjoying some snacks 🙂 The AWAC’s also got the chance to go on the high ropes course yesterday and had a BLAST! Check out the pictures from all of the fun below!

Last night campers and counselors had their very last cabin night and here are all of the super-duper cool things they did!! 🙂 Check out all of the pictures below from this super awesome night of fun!!

LCH went on Tipi Zip and had S’mores

Avalon went to the pool and had ice cream sandwiches

Loons made cookies outside the farmhouse

Gimme Shelter tie-dyed T-shirts at the Animal House

Atlantis made some cool glass pieces with Philippe

Forbidden Planet watched a movie and drank some hot cocoa

Wabanaki played frisbee golf with Gabe

Down Under Tie-Dyed shirts at the Buckhorn

Treasure Island made some crafts with Kristy

Paquatahnee had a spa night

French Quarter had a scavenger hunt for S’mores

Wombles made pizza in the pizza oven

Fiddlers Green had a Birthday party for their counselor

Camelot had a spa night and S’mores

Valhalla made pancakes in the Barn Kitchen

Shangri-La cooked baked potatoes over the fire

Taj Mahal painted their nails and cooked some snacks

Haley’s Comet watched a horse movie and got their cabin T-shirts


Stay tuned for tonight’s activities because we have ELECTIVES!!!!!

I’m off to go find that alpacha that keeps running off! Peace, love, and Llama hugs








I’m Gonna Take My Horse To The….Old Town Rodeo!!

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

YEEHAW Y’all!!! It’s Mag-O-Llama here and I’ve got some FANTABULOUS news for you! 🙂

Campers were up and at em early this morning because it’s JAKE DAY!! What is Jake Day, you ask? It’s the day we videotape everything that happens here at camp so campers and staff can have access to the amazing memories we are making this summer to keep for years and years!! 🙂 After an early wake-up, we had the best breakfast ever … drumroll, please… STRAWBERRY RHUBARB WAFFLES!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Stay tuned for some awesome pictures to come of campers and their cabins!!!

Last night our evening program was the Old Town Rodeo!!!  Campers danced the night away to their favorite rodeo songs and wow we’ve got some great dancers here at HVC! Campers also played “Horse” on the basketball court, battled each other in a water duel, stopped by the Saloon for some Gatorade and a dance break, accomplished the pony obstacle course at high speeds, and last but certainly not least… WE HAD TRACTOR RIDES!!!!! Check out the rad pictures below to get in on the fun!!!

Finally, on Sunday during evening meeting, campers got to taste and identify the flavors of the greatest snack that the world can offer….. BABY FOOD!!! Some of the flavors include beef stew, mac n’ cheese with beef, ham, chicken wild rice, and prunes!!!!! If you had to choose, what flavor would you pick? 🙂 If you’re inclined to know some more, look at the pictures below!

Now that I’m thinking of it, I’ve got some baby food to try!

Peace, Love and Llama Hugs, Mag-O-Llama!




Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

GOOD MORNING HVC!!! It’s Mag-O-Llama here with some really cool updates on what’s been happening around camp 🙂

Sunday night here at HVC, a plant came to life to help our fellow counselor Abby make some friends for her birthday party… however, the plant ended up being an evil mastermind that caused a huge ruckus during the evening program! Which was… you guessed it! THE WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE!!!!!! Campers got to experience all the wacky games, planting monstrous yuckies, untangling slime, eating chocolate pudding from diapers and smelling counselors armpits!!!! Campers also got to floss their sibling’s teeth, pie some counselors in the face, and learn all about the wild plant that turned the AWACs and counselors into plant zombies!!!!!! Check out the silly pictures below!!

Yesterday morning, we started off our lazy day by eating a SUPER YUMMY breakfast (it was blueberry muffins, my favorite!!!) then we all made our way to the movie theatre to see the best movie to ever exist….. Toy Story 4!!!!!! After the campers enjoyed their movie, we came back to camp to enjoy some pool activities and clean our cabins! To make the day even cooler, we enjoyed all the wonderful talents that Hidden Valley has to offer with….. VALLEYFEST!!! Campers showed us all their stuff in our exciting camper talent show! Check out pictures below.

This morning we enjoyed EGG BAR!! And now we’re back to business with our fourth day of classes!!

It’s time for me to hang out with the other Llamas!

CANDY (crush) CANDY (chemistry) (bags of) CANDY

Sunday, July 7th, 2019

Gooooooood morning, HVC! Hummingbird here with your 2nd 3rd day of classes update!! Last night we had a beautiful, fun, silly, wonderful evening program! We split up into three groups to play some wild games… let’s see what everyone got up to!

Down Under, LCH, French Quarter, Avalon, Paquatahnee, and Loons played Candy Crush (Reloaded). Why was it reloaded? Well in all Candy Crushes past, Grandma Nut and Willy Wonka have been pitted against each other, and our AWAC Oompa Loompas have worked diligently to thwart Grandma Nut’s efforts to take back her candy with the help of the campers. But this summer something changed. Last night, Grandma Nut and Willy Wonka teamed up to take the candy for themselves and the Oompa Loompas were TIRED of working for such unethical candy mongers. They enlisted some of our campers’ help to overthrow Willy and Grandma, and THEY SUCCEEDED!! They were of course rewarded with bags of candy. Congratulations, campers! Meanwhile in Middle Half….

Gimme Shelter, Wombles, Fiddlers Green, Camelot, Haley’s Comet, and Atlantis participated in a brand new evening program, Candy Chemistry!! A Mad Scientist and her trusty assistant, Egg, created a new, unstable molecule that needed to be replicated in order to create a new and never-before-attempted candy bar that would CHANGE THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!! Cabins raced through four challenges to collect the right amount of atoms needed to recreate the structure! The challenges required campers to use strategy, teamwork, communication, and agility, and every single cabin successfully recreated the unstable molecule, stabilized it, and helped our Mad Scientist and Egg build their life altering candy bar! Cabins were of course rewarded with bags of candy. Meanwhile in older half….

Treasure Island, Forbidden Planet, Wabanaki, Valhalla, Shangri-La, and Taj Mahal jammed out to some music on the walk up to hang out with Community for the evening! They played some games, they roasted some marshmallows, they chatted about how wonderful it is to be a teen at camp, and they learned about how they can stay connected to HVC in summers to come!! And they were, of course, rewarded for being teens with bags of candy!

We all ate a lot a lot of candy…. did I mention the CANDY?? I’m off to scavenge for some wrappers to build my nest!

Crinkle crinkle,

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