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Can’t Have a Rainbow Without a Little Schvitz

Tuesday, August 1st, 2023

Hi all!

Last night we had a fabulous despite a brief moment of schvitz. Although, as thought-du-jour I’m sure has said before, you can’t have a rainbow without a little schvitz! See pics below. And check out this awesome list of activities:

Lower Carriage House: Walk to the blueberry field

Avalon: Woodworking

Loons: Glass fusing

Bermuda Triangle: Glass beads

Forbidden Planet: Fire on top of the hill

Wombles: Baking brownies

French Quarter: Stained glass

Paquatahnee: Pickleball and popsicles

Muskegum: Smores

Valhalla: Tie-dye

Gimme Shelter: Spa night

Camelot: Loom beading and snacks

Fiddler’s Green: Movie night

Shangri-La: Pizza oven and baking tiramisu

Taj Mahal + Halley’s Comet: Joint movie night

Today we had a truly lazy day starting with a luxurious sleep-in and yummy waffle breakfast. After the cabins did a little cabin cleaning, the younger and older half participated in arcade-themed yard games complete with Pac-Man, ski ball, and a ring toss!

After lunch and rest, the camp soaked up the sun by the pool, swam, played card games, read books, and tossed a frisbee around Deer Meadows. Then a delicious pizza dinner and… JESSE RUBEN!! More details and pics to come tomorrow but rest assured the concert was fantastic 🙂

Catch ya later,

The Dining Hall Dragon

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