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Candy Schvitz, Cabin Night, Candy Land and More!

Monday, July 7th, 2014


Hello world! Lady of the Lake here, reporting in.

Well, of course the big news of last night was the epic Candy Schvitz of 2014 – otherwise known as the Candy Drop. As a few campers were presenting the answers to a riddle last night at evening meeting, a low flying plane was spotted heading our way. The entire camp raced to the soccer field, where it schvitzed candy on us four times. After rejoicing in the incredible drop, we headed back to meeting to read aloud the mysterious notes attached to some pieces of candy. Then we feasted at dinner, per usual.

After dinner, we had cabin night. Each of the cabins did something exciting and different. Wombles headed up to Community to hang out and play games with the campers out at the Blodgett House. Avalon had a scavenger hunt that ended with the delightful prize of s’mores. Lower Carriage House built shelters on the lake path. Loons made delicious pizza at the dragon pizza oven. Bermuda Triangle took a creek hike and then baked a cake. Chateau Fiasco also took a creek walk and then built dams and covered themselves in mud. Wabanaki painted at the basketball court right next to their cabin. Forbidden Planet also made a pizza dinner and then had s’mores at the dragon pizza oven. The Burrow made tie-dye t-shirts. Paquatahnee had a spa night and then made poem bracelets. French Quarter had a paint party at the animal house. Fiddler’s Green decorated cupcakes with different color frostings. Shangri-La headed down the Tipi Zip-Line. Valhalla had a scavenger hunt where they took pictures and it also culminated in s’mores. Camelot had a similar night, except after their scavenger hunt they made s’moritzas (s’more pizzas) in the pizza oven. Dear Meadows had a very relaxing night in the hot tub. Taj Mahal headed to the lake where they enjoyed a fantastic night of swimming and watching the sunset. Finally, Halley’s Comet played games, made stationary, and drank yummy hot chocolate. It was a great night for all, and be sure to check out the pictures.

This morning, we had a late sleep in because of the lazy day. After breakfast, the Older Half headed out to Lake St. George. We couldn’t have asked for better weather to enjoy a day at the lake. There, campers swam and enjoyed many other activities. Meanwhile, back at camp, the Younger Half cleaned their cabins and then had Candy Land day! There were activities like castle building, hopscotch, candy jewelry and hats, a candy race, a chop stick relay race, a candy toss, pin the candy, and musical chairs. We also had some characters around camp, like Princess Lolly, Ms. and Mr. Mint, Frostine, Gloppy, Grandma Nut, Jolly, and Lady Licorice. This afternoon, the Younger Half will have pool activities and the Older Half will have a rest period and time to clean up the cabin. Then, we’ll reconvene for evening meeting, dinner, and our evening program, which is a movie. The movie is still a surprise, but I’ll tell you this – the movie is about a llama!

More photos of the candy schvitz to come tomorrow, so stay tuned in.

Over and out,

Lady of the Lake

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