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Candy Drop Recovery and Cabin Night Craziness!

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Here’s what it looks like from the other side of the Candy drop!

Greetings, world!

It’s Luna Bug, back again after last night’s extra special report to give you an update on the candy drop and the aftermath of all the excitement.

After the candy drop, the whole camp returned to the Backyard to debrief what just happened. The notes written by the AWACs were shared, and the candy was condensed by cabin and compared. Everyone had a big haul this time around!

We’ve been riding the candy drop high all day on this Lazy Day, and it was bolstered by an excellent cabin night last night. Here’s what each cabin did for cabin night:

Loons: Decoded a secret message which led to a “dirt cup” surprise!

Wombles: Took a tractor ride to the End of the World

Avalon: Survival 201 Class and s’mores

Lower Carriage House: Glass blowing

Bermuda Triangle: Had an outdoor cookout and played corn hole and spike ball

Chateau Fiasco: Made a cabin sign and s’mores

Forbidden Planet: Baking cookies and ping pong tournament

Deer Meadows: Mini golf and ice cream in Camden, ME

The Burrow: Decorate cookies

Down Under: PJ Party

Paquatahnee: Glass fusing projects

French Quarter: S’mores and glass bead making

Gimme Shelter: Made terrariums, hiked and s’mores

Wabanaki: Took the color personality test and did tie dye

Fiddler’s Green: Shrinky dinks and s’mores

Valhalla: Banana boats on a camp fire

Camelot: Mosaic mirrors

Shangri-la: Pizza oven party

Taj mahal: Took the color personality test and tie dye

Haley’s comet: Big Circle Night

See the photos below from the different cabin nights! After everyone finished the night, we all went off to bed, ready and excited for the late wakeup on today’s lazy day!

It’s been an exciting few days here at HVC, and every day is for sure an adventure. Tomorrow we’ll have a full report and photos from the lazy day.

For now, check out all the cool photos below, especially the one’s taken from inside the candy drop plane!

Ta-ta for now!


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