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Candy Drop, Electives, and One Eventful Morning Meeting!

Saturday, August 4th, 2018

Newspaper fashion show with Eliana!

Hello and good morning! It’s Mama Iguana here and I have SO much to update you on! Camp has been bursting with energy. There was a second candy drop yesterday!!! Not only that, but we had a wonderful night of electives and a special morning meeting today with a few surprises. Let’s rewind to last night’s candy drop!

A second candy drop?!? Who would’ve thought! Rachel, one of our office pro staff, and Karen, one of the nurses, were taken to the airport to fly over camp during evening meeting! People sprinted to the soccer field and were running back and forth as the plane flew over head, with candy of all types falling from the sky. There were Kit Kats, sour straws, M&Ms, Starbursts, and more! Every cabin combined their candy so they can share their treats during rest period. New campers had a candy drop on their first full day of camp and our four week campers had a second one. What a sweet treat for everyone!

After a successful drop, thanks to our lovely bombardiers, we had a great night of electives! There were so many fun activities including classics like baking cookies and friendship bracelets, as well as some new activities like the newspaper fashion show, a pottery build and burn, and llama drawings! At the end of the night, we gathered back in the rec hall to get a recap on capture the flag as well as see our newspaper models strut on the rec hall stage. Meg then passed out lyrics to my absolute favorite song, “The Farthest Field”. The rec hall was echoing throughout camp with everyone’s beautiful voices belting out a camp classic.

This morning, there was a lot going on at meeting. We had a special guest and former counselor, A.V. Crofts, read a chapter from her book, Meet Me at the Bamboo Table: Everyday Meals, all about her time at HVC eating meals in the red barn by our lovely cook, Lillian. Lillian sat front and center at meeting while A.V. Crofts read aloud to camp. She talked about the community aspects of eating together, that we can all relate to today, as well as a silly story about a food fight that occurred when the campers left for the summer. It sounds like she had a wonderful experience with camp and Lillian, as well as Peter and Meg, who were incredibly honored to be a part of her book.

During our daily interest groups announcements at camp meeting, Meg put on a special surprise for camp. She split camp up into three groups, all making different sounds, to announce her annual… cucumber sacrifice! The Meg’s Planet usuals knew exactly what was coming but for some of us, it was a complete surprise! Everyone was cheering and screaming as Meg pulled off the cover for the fresh cucumbers to official announce the beginning of the sacrifice! I’m sure we’ll hear more about how it went after interest groups today.

Today is the second day of our new set of classes! Campers are eager for tonight’s evening programs: candy crush, quidditch, and the teen party! Cara B. will update you more on tonight’s activities tomorrow! Make sure to check out photos from the candy drop and electives!

Bye bye!

Mama Iguana


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