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Candy Drop Conspiracies to End a Great Day

Monday, June 26th, 2017

Hmm…lots of candy…lots of AWACS…what could it mean?!

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Olive Oyl here with special guest FutterButter. I was on my way to bed when I smelled the faint scent of chocolate and sugary sweets. Then I heard a ruckus and found a wild gaggle of AWACs amidst a HUUUUGE pile of candy. What could that possibly mean? See if you can decipher the image and help me out here. More clues to come…

Meanwhile, we had a fabulous first day of classes– be sure to check out all the awesome pics! There was guitar and horseback riding, swimming and skateboarding, glass fusing and blowing, kayaking and paddleboarding, mountain biking and costume design (just to name a few). After a busy day of classes (or for our adventurous crew, a fun day on the ropes course) we enjoyed our Blue Skies and Rice Krispies and a laid back Interest Groups before gathering together for our first official evening camp meeting. We heard from Promos, Iron Chef, and Gurus and all felt good and right in the world. After a yummy dinner we joined our cabins once again for an awesome cabin night– more details and photos to come tomorrow.

Plus there’s a little Community update– they spent the day in Belfast volunteering at a nursing home and taking in all the scenery. Lots more fun to come for that group.

Well, I’m off to bed, folks. Have a great night and keep your eyes and ears peeled for candy wrappers and low flying planes…

Sleep tight,




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