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Candy and halloween!!

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016
It's the broccoli drop!! What?!

It’s the broccoli drop!! What?!

Goooooooood morning, folks! Humming Bird here to fill you in on all things campity camp camp! First of all, as you saw last night, WE HAD A STORM OF CANDY SCHVITZ! It was really more like a torrential downpour! Guys, you had to be there. It was amazing! And all you adults out there, don’t worry…. We had broccoli, too! I’m not kidding– Sandy and Olivia dropped actual raw, green, honest to goodness BROCCOLI from the plane! Well done, Sandy and Olivia, we all got our greens!

After the beautiful, wonderful, sweet candy drop, we continued on with our lives as we had a super yummy dinner, prepared and served to us by our Korean campers and Kae Kim (our fearless liaison from Korea, who is celebrating her 20th year at HVC!) And once our stomachs were good and full, we continued on to the HALLOWEEN DANCE! Wait… Halloween?? But it’s July! Well we celebrated everyone’s favorite holiday halfway through the summer anyway! Check out photos of the spooky haunts! We had face painting, costume making, zombie tag, bobbing for eyeballs, a mystery box, a haunted house, and of course the usual basketball and dancing! It was a true monster mash of a time! Check out the pictures!

Now, on this beautiful, hot, sunny Wednesday, we are celebrating the one… the only… JAKE DAY! What on earth is Jake Day, Humming Bird?? Well, folks, Jake Day is the glorious day when we videotape EVERYTHING on camp! Well… maybe not everything, but we videotape our Meetings (with all of the silly personalities and announcements they include!) We also immortalize all of our cabin cheers!! Some of our cabins woke up SUPER early today to stand in front of our video staff, bright eyed and bushy tailed! A HUGE thank you to our video staff, for also waking up super early to videotape everyone! Where do all of these wonderfully videotaped things go?? Well, your campers will receive a package in the coming December, which will contain our Digital Yearbook! That Yearbook will feature all of the footage that our wonderful video people have been working hard to collect!! I can’t wait!

Until then, I’m off to fly through as much of the footage as possible! Catch me in the top left corner of the videos!

Humming along,

Humming Bird

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